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RuneScape - I have not done anything in this game

Posted By MMOruki MMOruki     November 7, 2021    

Hey guys, this is my first post on the forum. I'm not a newbie to RuneScape gold. I haven't played in around a week because of other commitments. Tonight I tried to login and it said I had been banned. It states I'm permanently banned for using macros or mining gold. The issue is that I have never botted before and I will not do it again. It is difficult to maintain the in-game economy. Since I will be doing 99 wood cutting and my only job is to cut wood. So my thinking is that they could consider me a bot.

However, that's complete BS. I shouldn't be in risk of being banned simply because my skill is selected. Right now I'm frightened. I've put a lot of time into this game for it to not be banned. My account could be hacked, but it seems unlikely. I've made an appeal. What is the time it will take to receive a reply and what is the outcome should they decide to block me?

I have not done anything in this game that would be considered to be bad, and they are banning me. They banned me without providing any evidence. This is a complete blunder! Sorry for writing this kind of rant, but please, somebody inform me how long an appeal takes, because this just made my day miserable.

This was not a chat related case, so evidence can only be used for that purpose. You got exiled for doing nothing. Jagex would think that you did something wrong. Some people have received temp bans for more than 10 hours training firemaking. It is possible that during the time you spent Woodcutting you unintentionally formed clicking patterns that fooled Jagex's anti-bot system or something of the sort.

Have you ever purchased or traded any gold? Jagex could be referring specifically to the latter. There's likely nothing you can do other than appeal, and when you appeal you should probably try to calm down first to be sure you write a well thought out and respectful appeal. If you got unfairly banned there are plenty of reasons to buy RS gold be angry But a sour appeal definitely won't help you.
RuneScape - I have not done anything in this game
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