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Star Wars The Old Republic 7.0’s daily and weekly mission reset

Posted By clairerr clairerr     November 4, 2021    
SWTOR 7.0 brings more changes. Players can earn SWTOR Credits in the tasks in the game, but there are still some problems. Are weeklies only available for specific types of content, or are only specific weeklies available for each type of content? Will the game provide multiple types of weekendies or is there actually only one type of weeklies per week?

BioWare needs to design this change carefully. There are too many follower players, and it feels like players are forced to do what they don’t want to do, or they don’t feel that what they really want to do is paid off. Although players can earn SWTOR Credits by doing tasks, the task terminal is still unclear what problem this actually solves. SWTOR is a theme park style MMO. Most players dislike many content provided by the game. It is reasonable to attract players to try new types of content, but the motivation should not be so strong that players feel they are wasting time doing content that they know they like.

Weeklies usually provide a lot of rewards for completing tasks. If this is still the case in 7.0, this may make players feel it forces them to do content to get SWTOR Credits or equipment. This may make most people feel annoying. Galactic Seasons and Conquest is a better way to try new content for players, because rewards have less impact on core gameplay.

Incentives to play specific content should only be to attract players to try things they would not otherwise try. Players will continue to play interesting content instead of making them think they must do so in order to get more effective equipment. In fact, many players will SWTOR Credits Buy to get powerful equipment, so no one wants to play boring content. If, despite these incentives, it is still unpopular, then it’s time to check what makes the content unpopular and try to improve it or reallocate development resources to more popular content types.
Star Wars The Old Republic 7.0\u2019s daily and weekly mission reset

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