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SWTOR 7.0 will bring new changes

Posted By clairerr clairerr     November 3, 2021    
Recently BioWare announced several major changes and new features that have appeared with the Legacy of the Sith SWTOR 7.0 Expansion. These include daily and weekly task resets. They made some changes to the reset method of daily and weekly tasks. Currently, uncompleted daily and weekly tasks will remain in the character’s log until it completed the task. After it completed the task, the character can no longer receive the weeklies for that week (or the day of the day). In the mission, players can SWTOR Credits Buy.

In 7.0, uncompleted daily and weekly tasks will be removed from players after the daily or weekly reset time. This is because developers are reorganizing the way they present content every week. Weekly missions will be rotated every week in 7.0. They want to ensure that all players are on the same weekly mission every week to make these mission areas full of vitality and full of other people who can group or share SWTOR Credits.

This should cause content like hero missions being completed faster and more efficiently. If players want, they can still access tasks that are not part of the rotation, they will only reduce the reward. But players can buy SWTOR Credits to upgrade quickly to unlock more tasks to get more rewards.

Besides this change, developers will also introduce some quality of life improvements, including auto-complete tasks. When the role is in the turn-in step, they can complete the task. There is no exact understanding of “rotating in availability”, but there are weeklies with the following content. Operations: complete a specific operation. PvP: Win a specific number of matches for each unranked, single-player, or team-ranked. Flashpoints: Complete a specific number of Flashpoints on each difficulty. Daily Areas: Complete a specific number of daily tasks in a specific daily area. GSF: Complete a certain number of GSF matches, the number of wins x2. Heroics: Complete a specific number of Heroics on a planet. Uprisings: Complete a specific number of Uprisings on each difficulty. If players want to complete tasks easily in the game, they can buy SWTOR Credits to strengthen themselves.
SWTOR 7.0 will bring new changes

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