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Madden 22 - Tony Gonzalez's ghost cards look ridiculous

Posted By MMOruki MMOruki     November 1, 2021    

For the best performance of the card, players will need full play fake and madden coins full sprinter. The card now features 99 catches across all categories and 96 sprint speed and acceleration of 97. While Jerry Rice may not be the fastest receiver however his ability to run routes are outstanding. He can be played at either as a slot receiver or a wide receiver by players. Rice is stopped only by a handful of defensive backs. As long as players aren't trying to undermine themselves, Rice will help them win wins.

Tony Gonzalez's ghost cards look ridiculous. At 6'5", Gonzales has a base speed of 91, with 92 acceleration. His receiving stats are 93 or higher, with the exception for running deep routes. Gonzales will beat in speed, outclass, or out-jump almost every defender in the game.

The card is a good performer after the catch statistics, but it does not quite reach the 90-juke threshold. One of the biggest drawbacks to the Ghosts of Madden Gonzales card is his ability to block runs. It is only recommended to make use of him in the slot or in pass-heavy sets.

Woodson appears to have no problems as a cornerback. The team is swift and all statistics of coverage are above 93. It will be rare to find, but Woodson may not make it to a few tackles, and only has 79 tackles. For defense against pass, Woodson is among the best players on the field up to this date. Woodson's aggressive style will ensure that gamers have many chances to score interceptions.

Simmons is superior to the Sean Taylor card "the 50". The card features 95 speed in addition to 95 tackling, 94 man coverage, as well as 99 zone coverage. Simmons, at 6'4" is more taller than Taylor. For the moment, Simmons is an S-tier security that every player would like to have on their team. Simmons' mediocre ball-carrying numbers are the main reason for buy Madden 22 coins the card's weaknesses.
Madden 22 - Tony Gonzalez's ghost cards look ridiculous

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