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Star Wars The Old Republic 7.0 Legendary Items announced

Posted By clairerr clairerr     October 31, 2021    
There are many items in Star Wars The Old Republic that are very useful. If players encounter some difficult situations, some specific items can often play a very important role. Recently, BioWare announced they will completely cancel the set bonuses and switch to Legendary Items, which basically just put the set bonus effect on implements and earpieces. In any case, players should prepare SWTOR Credits in advance. Here is what they said.

As the fighting style changes, they hope to give players an in-depth understanding of one of the major updates to the equipment in 7.0. Introduce Legendary Items, which is a new way to customize the character game style. If players want to get useful items, they need to buy SWTOR Credits to get them. In order to give players more opportunities to enable them to more personalize their concept of gameplay. They will discuss in depth how these will be realized in “Legacy of the Sith”.

Legendary Items are Earpieces and Implants with Legendary bonus. This reward can only appear on these items. Previously, players would see these types of rewards when collecting set bonuses. These rewards were previously got by collecting two, four, or six pieces of specific armor. For some powerful equipment, many players will choose Buy Star Wars The Old Republic Credits to buy them.

Starting from 7.0, players can now only get these rewards on Legendary Items instead of sets. By placing these on the individual item slots, players will better customize the bonuses they receive. Developers will provide a wider range of choices, including some old fan favorites. When they get close to testing Legendary Items, they will ask the community about their favorite set of rewards from previous game updates and include many of them in the original 7.0 batch of Legendary Items. So if players want to get the items they want, they must buy SWTOR Credits.
Star Wars The Old Republic 7.0 Legendary Items announced

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