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Druid class for Diablo 2 Resurrected

Posted By David Lin     October 28, 2021    
The northern Scosglen forests are the home of the Druids who learned their magic without the help of the clans of eastern mage. They were the warrior-kings of their respective tribes. They lived in isolation from their people in massive stone towers that were adorned with vines or ivy. As masters of nature's world they were able to manage living creatures as well as the very forces of nature.

Skills and abilities

Perhaps the most notable power of the Druids is the ability they have to alter their appearance into an animal. This ability meant that the tribes that they ruled were aware that they were able to be observed at any time. Many potential rebellions were stopped by the sight of a common beast transform into the form of a Druid.

The Druid can manage both Prime as well as Elemental magic. He has the ability to control fire, earth, and winds through his Elemental powers. The primal connection to nature lets him command various animals and plants, summoning ravens, vines, wolves and even natural spirits to carry out his bidding. He can also alter his appearance into animals like a massive cave bear or dire wolf, and use these forms to summon more powers.

As with the Assassin, we also find Sorceress elements in his Elemental attacks as well as the Necromancer-like characteristics to his ability to command and care for pets. Due to his ability to change shape, which permit him to transform into a different shape and be more effective in combat, and becomes more powerful as he goes through the change.

The Druid isn't as a "stand around" sort of character like the Necromancer. His minions aren't as strong or varied as Necromancers however, Druid has many powerful elements that are superior to the Necromancer's combat abilities, and thanks to the form shifting, he is able to get involved personally in battle and do substantial damage.

He differs from Necromancer in that he doesn't require corpses to summon his summonables but they consume them, and on a massive scale in actual. Carrion Vine is one example consumes corpses to revive the Druid. It can also go through a field full of dead, removing the remaining. Fabulously handy for the Druid however, if he's playing with an Necromancer the Druid won't be satisfied and will be handbags in the morning.

It is not uncommon to see discrepancies when Diablo 2 decreases the figures. As in the case above, life growing by .75 with each level up, even though you won't notice a change in the figure to x.5 or x.25 the Druid will be benefiting from the fraction of life that increases. LoD rounds the figure down only for display purposes.

As you can see the above, he's got a fair amount of mana for each energy point. However, he must feed all attributes more than other characters. A Druid could play all magical, using only the Elemental and Summoning trees and would be similar to a Necromancer with stronger abilities but less powerful minions. He'd require more mana in order to perform this type of game.

He could also take a more active path and place points into the Shape-shifting Tree as well as some in summoning. After summoning some of his minions the horizon, he could join his minions at battle. He would need to have more strength in order to be protected in battle and more hit points in order to attack the enemy with this method.

A Druid who used skills from all three tree types could have trouble in mastering all three and would require points across every attribute to wear armour, do damage, hit successfully and have enough mana to be able to use certain Elemental skills and keep summoning creatures as well as transforming. Although he seems to have several options, he needs to be managed well to ensure that he is not spread out.


The Druid's Elemental Skills are mostly spells. In some cases, they may be similar to those of the Sorceress'. They are not as powerful and have less mana. Also, he lacks Warmth to rapidly return it. This means they must compete with spell casting similar to a Necromancer. There are two distinct types of damage from the elemental realm: Fire on the left and the new Wind on the right. This tree is known as "Elemental" but Wind skills cause physical harm.

One of the two levels 30 skills that requires a point in every single ability on the tree of Armageddon. It is the only one across the seven characters that meets the requirement.

He can not let rip with a rapid-fire swath of elemental damage since there's a small delay between casting for some of them, where the skill button turns red and it is unusable. This is due to some abilities being so complicated that it can slow down the game. To make up for the small delay only a few seconds at most their damage was increased so it balances out.

Shape shifting

Only the Druid can use this ability. He has two kinds of creatures that he can change into and, in each, there are related skills that are only available when in that form. These enhance his ability to attack while in the animal form, are appropriate to the type of animal.

The properties of items equipped at the time of the shift are transferred to the new shape. So if he had a cold-enhanced bow for example and shifted into a grizzly , the cold and damage will be transferred to his attack using his paws.

While you can't utilize Elemental Skills when you are changed into any of these forms however, they can be utilized right before changing shape. Then, you can activate an Fissure or Tornado and swiftly change into another form. But you are able to use Summon skills to boost AR and Hit Points, for instance, but if you've transformed into the wolf, you are able to summon wolves and the same when you change to being a Bear.

You can recast the skill if you want to transform into another form or back into human form after you have changed.

One of the best things about change of form is that it doesn't fade as you move into the town. If you want, you can come and depart as an animal in the town.


This is where the Druid most resembles the Necromancer even though his creatures are rather different than golems, skeletons or even revived monsters. The Druid's pets don't look as monster-like, as they are wild animals, resurrected from nature, rather than dredged up from a monster corpse.

To differentiate the summoning abilities of Druids from the Necromancers' abilities and abilities, they operate in a completely different manner. The Druid's abilities do not, for example, require the use of a corpse. They are all called forth by mana only.

A crucial point to remember when while studying the summoning abilities of the Druid is that only one of each kind can be present at the same time, one vine, one spirit, and one animal summoned (except ravens, which can always be present, regardless of what else the Druid summoned).

The most notable difference is that the Druid is a formidable attacker, but also he can Shape Shift and also join his pets in the fight if he wants. The ability to summon is similar to the one of the Necromancer. This allows him to instantly dispel any pets in his way or go away from areas he doesn't want them.

Passive bonuses can be used to encourage Druids to keep their summoning abilities at a lower level. They can also be used to provide property increments as well as more points. Thus, for instance, one point in Summon Dire Wolf will grant an additional bonus to the summoned bears and wolves of +50% health. One point from Summon Grizzly will increase the damage that is dealt to both wolves and bear by 25%.

The Druids is a nomadic warrior-poet race of the king. The Druid tribes were exiled from their homelands by their Barbarian brothers and now live in the northern forest. By utilizing mystic secrets handed through generations, they summon the elements of fire and wind to carry out their orders and instruct the animals of the forest to assist them in battle. Transmuting from human forms to the form of wild beasts, gives them abilities far beyond those of humans.

In the ancient tome of the Druids in the Sceal Fada ("Long Story") in which it is stated that Bul-Kathos was the great and ancient King of the Barbarian tribes was a mysterious, but trusted confidant. He was referred to only as Fiacla-Gear ("Sharp-Tooth"). Sometimes, this man is described as Bul-Kathos's close friend. At other times, he's referred to simply as his brother. Whatever the reason of their relationship They were close companions and shared the secrets of ancients, the mysteries beneath the Mt. Arreat, the sacred mission that was given to their people in order to guard these mysteries, and the prophecies about the dark future. Both sides agreed that their citizens should dedicate their lives to the sacred work of taking care of their sacred trust. They were not sure how to do this. Bul-Kathos believed that only by gathering the tribes together and teaching them strict martial discipline could they focus on their goal for the generations to come.

Fiacla-Gear, on the other hand, believed that only through obtaining a spiritual oneness to the land they had committed to protecting could the people truly appreciate the importance of their mission. Both believed the other's philosophy was meritorious. Thus, at the time Bul–Kathos unites the tribes, Fiacla-Gear is able to gather a small group of warrior-poets and shamans from the tribes and then mysteriously disappears into the forests surrounding Scosglen. They built the first Druid Colleges. These towers made of stone without mortar were covered in vines and buried under thick forests. Since then, they have lived there and created new ways of living. They developed an entirely new language, culture, and way of life and separated themselves from their Barbarian relatives and their traditions. They also pledged not to go back to Mt. Arreat between the men of the world and spirits of the Burning Hells until the Uileloscadh Mor ("Great Holocaust")

In preparation for the conflict, he taught his people Caoi Dulra, which is an enmity with nature and its animals, to prepare them. They are the embodiment of the world the Druids have pledged to defend. In addition, Caoi Dulra the basis for their values system and beliefs, but through the study and practice of it and practice, the Druids discovered a way to be in touch with the natural creatures of Sanctuary. The bonds they formed were so strong that eventually , they learned to communicate with the plants and animals and the creatures taught them all the secrets of the natural world. They taught them ways to contact animals from faraway and how to summon sentient plants from the earth, methods to change their forms to resemble the characteristics of their animal counterparts, and even, to a certain extent, techniques to control the weather.

In the Tur Dulra ("Tower of Nature") the most important of the Druid Colleges, stands a great tree Glor-an-Fhaidha ("Glory of the Oak"). The Glor-an-Fhaidha tree is considered to be the source of most reverence for Druids' wisdom and guidance. The Druids from Scosglen have been working for centuries to perfect their natural magic and the techniques they learned from their Barbarian forefathers. Because they are the last line of defense to the world in the event of a major conflict, they have been doing this. The Druids are advancing toward their final battle against Chaos' minions, lashing out at the resurgence of denizens of the Burning Hells and at the Leathdhiabhala ("Half-Demons")

Traits and Abilities

Druids are not averse to traditional magic. They refer to it as "Dubhdroiacht", or "Black-Magic". They instead practice a form of magic that is based on their close ties to the natural world. A Druid can control winds, fire, and earth through their close kinship to Sanctuary. He can be a companion to wild animals and call on them for assistance in the fight. Additionally, he can utilize his heightened rapport with the animals to change the shape of his own body, drawing upon the strengths and talents of his woodland friends to help them better serve their cause.
Druid class for Diablo 2 Resurrected

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