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How do players find Appearance Designer in Star Wars: The Old Republic?

Posted By clairerr clairerr     October 26, 2021    
In Star Wars: The Old Republic, there are usually two different ways to change the visual appearance of a character. The first method is through clothes and armor, which is done through Outfit Tabs. The second method is through the Appearance Designer in the game. It mainly introduced here the second method. Players can use this method to change the physical attributes and species of the character. If players want to configure some equipment for the character, they can also buy SWTOR Credits.

What is Appearance Designer in SWTOR? Soon after the game was released, it added Appearance Designer to SWTOR. It is an in-game tool, players can use it on any character to change its appearance and customization. The exterior designer uses Cartel Coins. But every change made by players will cost Cartel Coins. If players have items they want, they can also prepare some SWTOR Credits.

Players can only use this tool to change the appearance of the character. To change the appearance of their companions, they need to get special items suitable for their “custom” slots. Any character at any level can use the Appearance Designer. There is no such restriction. The exterior designer pavilion can be accessed from two places-the Cartel Bazaar and your own stronghold. For players who want to upgrade quickly, they can SWTOR Credits Buy to help themselves.

How to get to Appearance Designer on the Fleet. The default location of Appearance Designer kost is in the Republic and Empire fleet. It is in Cartel Bazaar, which is a separate room filled with vendors and other NPCs. From Republic Fleet: Carrick Station, go to the top of the map. Click the blue button to call the elevator that takes you to Cartel Bazaar. The elevator to the cartel market is at the bottom of the Empire Fleet main level map: Vaiken Spacedock. Click the button to take the elevator to the Cartel Bazaar room.

Where is the Appearance Designer Terminal in the Cartel Bazaar? When players enter Cartel Bazaar, they may first see Appearance Designer itself. It is a small terminal surrounded by a huge holographic head and a large screen behind it. When the players enter the room, it is right in front of them. Interested players can look for it in the game. Please remember to buy SWTOR Credits before that.
How do players find Appearance Designer in Star Wars: The Old Republic?

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