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This is how Runescape's economy looked prior to the Grand Exchange

Posted By MMOruki MMOruki     October 26, 2021    

Varrock came the next. The names are a bit odd however, you couldn't help but RS gold remember these names. Varrock was a typical market and an important hub for shops. The middle circle was home to all kinds of players for example, the Romeo and Juliet quest man who wandered through the crowds. Clans promote their clans by selling or buying certain items and dropping other items.

These "drop events" were where you could go at any time you wanted to purchase the rune armor you had been hearing about from so many others. You'd be the happiest person on earth if you could earn your first 1,000gp/1k. But you'd soon be unable to keep it. Most likely, it was through giving you a chance to try in merchanting.

Varrock was the place you could go to if lost, if there were any plans to walk to Falador, or in the event that PvP within the "wildy" was something you wanted. Both of Varrock's banks were always busy with people selling and buying things. This is how Runescape's economy looked prior to the Grand Exchange. You would be struck by the different colors of armor, weapons, and caps, and want to learn how to get similar objects.

It was soon apparent that membership had more benefits than playing f2p. Although your parents may not allow you to pay between $10 and $20 per month for a membership but that doesn't mean that you could not enjoy free To Play. You'd like to return to Lumbridge to continue your training even though you're just Level 3. But, you don't know how.

You then sent a message to your friend. He was returning to you in the form of a green dot on the mini-map. Then, you right-clicked on him and then pressed "Follow". In just a few minutes, you'd be fighting cows again and buy RuneScape gold collecting cowhides at Lumbridge.
This is how Runescape's economy looked prior to the Grand Exchange

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