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God of War: Appears for the PC - Trailer, Appointment & Technical Details

Posted By Adella Boyer     October 20, 2021    

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After releasing successful first party titles such as Horizon: Zero Dawn or Days Gone for the PC, PlayStation-Boss Jim Ryan recently indicated that further implementations are in principle only a matter of time .

The action hit God of War , which was created at the Sony Santa Monica Studios, was published for a possible PC release and published in 2018 for the PlayStation 4. As Sony Interactive Entertainment announced this afternoon, the acclaimed adventure of Kratos and Atrus, which sold more than 19 million times on the Playstation 4, will indeed find the way to the PC.

4K, 60FPS and other technical improvements

PS5 Pro Likely Being Worked On, Sony Has Billions To Potentially Spend on Studios & Games

According to today s announcement, God of War will be available from January 14, 2022 for the PC via Steam. The price of the PC implementation is $ 49.99 or Euro. But what technical improvements does the action title be offered on the PC? Also in this regard, Sony Interactive Entertainment today made clarity for clarity and announced that God of War players on the PC may look forward to, for example, a representation in the 4K resolution and 60 images the second - a correspondingly potent computer assumed.

on the subject : PS5: Jim Ryan wants to expand the PlayStation target group

Also a top-open frame rate, higher-resolution shadows and textures, reduced loading times as well as the support of NVIDIAS DLSS, the low-latency technology or 21/9 monitors are among the technical innovations with which the PC version of God of was waiting. You can play the title on the PC, among other things with the dualshock 4- and dualSense controllers. In addition, of course, there is the possibility to set the control via the mouse and keyboard, whereby the key assignment can be freely adjusted.

The PC version is rounded off exclusive digital content such as the fist sign of the blacksmith - or the guard of the banished shield design. Enclosed the official trailer, the Sony Interactive Entertainment provided for the announcement of God of War for the PC.

Further news about God of War.

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God of War: Appears for the PC - Trailer, Appointment & Technical Details

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