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Hinze does not press pressure: Look, what s going on

Posted By Adella Boyer     October 19, 2021    

An Emma Hinze gathered anger, frustration and disappointment. The triple railway world champion was measured only at a criterion before the Olympic Games in Tokyo: Gold, Gold, Gold, the yield of the Home World Cup in Berlin 2020. When it gave silver in Japan and her - after Initially, our own disappointment - was made bad from the outside, the 24-year-old beat back and went into the offensive. It was always given us that we have to win. That s nonsense, because: we do not have to do anything, said the German press agency in front of the WM starting on Wednesday in Roubaix.

Hinze only later expressed how much to create the extremely high expectations at Olympics. I found it unfair and sad, as the value estimated. It took a bit until I realized with it. Now I am very proud of the medal, even on our performance and time, said Hinze. It referred mainly to relativities to the silver medal, which she won with Lea Sophie Friedrich in the Teamsprint. The following EM in Grenchen had lembled them last.

Hinze: Will not fulfill expectations, but have fun again

Now it s about the cycling Roubaix, and the pressure on Hinze does not dwind alone because it is now the rainbow jerseys in the sprint, teamprint and Keirin to defend. But Hinze does not even think of making himself crazy from the outside again. I do not want to fulfill any expectations, but have fun again. I do not want to see it so belatedly. I just want to drive and watch what s going on and do not make an extra stress. Together with Friedrich and Pauline Grabosch, there is the first title chance in the teamprint on Wednesday in the Velodrome.

World Championship Women’s Keirin Final 2020 Berlin Track UCI Four World Cup titles is to defend

The ambitious railway team, which in Grenchen has also roared neatly EM successes, now has a lot to defend a lot in Roubaix. Four World Cup titles and a total of eight medals were given in Berlin 2020. Even national coach Detlef Uibel is aware that this result pretends a high scale for France. Of course, we always orient ourselves at the world tip. If you have achieved such a super result, it is clear that you will be measured on it, said Ubel on Monday in Roubaix. But it is difficult to confirm this balance after Olympia.

Ubel once again pointed out that his topathetin Hinze on his own body had to learn what the immense pressure can trigger. Hinke himself acted their high demands, but wants to approach the matter very different than in Tokyo. I m concerned with that I have more fun and can really enjoy it. I do not make that to prove to all that I can win gold every time. You are not a machine, but just a person, she said .

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Hinze does not press pressure: Look, what s going on

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