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How do NBA 2K22 gamers get token rewards?

Posted By LebronJohn LebronJohn     October 15, 2021    

NBA 2K22 has undergone tremendous changes compared to the previous game version. The MyCareer mode adds a series of new features, challenges and tasks, completing these tasks can earn additional VC, MT and other in-game currency. The MyTeam model uses a series of new methods to promote development, purchase new players and ensure that the gained players reach their full potential, so that gamers can better control their franchise rights.

NBA 2K22 has recently added several new challenges, offering rewards in the form of MyTeam tokens, which players can then use to buy a series of items from the in-game store. There are 7 different categories of MyToken rewards, they have not added one of which to the game. MyTeam token is the third in-game currency that can obtain a series of items in NBA 2K22. Although both NBA 2K22 MT and VC can be easily got by completing various in-game challenges, the MyTeam token reward is not so, but is got as part of the extra reward together with VC or Buy NBA 2K22 MT.

Gamers will also notice that by completing most of the challenges that belong to the MyCareer mode, you can actually earn tokens. NBA 2K22 has a token market that allows players to use tokens to purchase a range of items, including damage cards, badges and other packages, including some MyTeam promotional series. Players can access the token market by scrolling to the gift pack market on the MyTeam home screen, and can collect rewards under the relevant rewards menu under the same option. The NBA 2K22 MyTeam mode also provides players with token rewards through each level, which is done by collecting XP points in the game.

Tokens can also be got by playing other game modes. The most famous is the triple threat online mode, usually only one token is provided at the end of the game. The Galaxy Opal Reward has not been added to the game and is expected to be updated in the future. What players should do now is to focus on studying how to earn more tokens or NBA 2K22 MT. If they don’t want to use these methods anymore, they can also directly buy NBA 2K22 MT or other coins at GameMS. Hold on!

How do NBA 2K22 gamers get token rewards?

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