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SWTOR 7.0 Sorcerer change preview and analysis

Posted By yyy jjj     October 14, 2021    

The latest SWTOR PTS update 7.0 brings more changes to the Sorcerer class. Many players are very excited about this. Everyone wants to know what changes their class will bring. Players all want to see their class become more powerful, but more players will want to prepare enough SWTOR Credits for their class to increase their damage. Here are some changes that players can learn about.

Ability Pruning. Force Slow. This is the only ability that Sorcerers/Sages has completely lost. The last version of Extrication / RescuePTS used ability as one of the ability choices at level 70, but now it seems to disappear completely. The Dark Resilience / Valiance effect is one of the current choices. It will enhance the relief / rescue, so BioWare may forget to return it as a basic ability. Or maybe BioWare has not updated the text yet. It is a super situation in PvE and is only occasionally used outside of Huttball in PvP. Technically, it is unnecessary because the player can pass the ball directly. If the player pulls someone when they don’t want to be pulled, it can sometimes cause anger. But players will buy SWTOR Credits to buy useful equipment.

70 level selection. At level 70, Sorcerers / Sages must choose one of 3 unique abilities: Whirlwind / Force Lift (including Haunted Dreams/Containment utility effect), Phase Walk, Volt Rush / TK Blitz (including Storm’s Succor / Metaphysical Mender tactical effect). For some low-level players, they can prepare SWTOR Credits to quickly upgrade.

Phase Walk. In PvE, players often need to be told to use it, otherwise they will forget its existence, which usually only means that it will be used in the most obvious use case, even if it is more useful than that. In PvP, it is a more restricted and worse incognito version. In a non-ranked theater, it may be helpful to the goal, but not that good on defense. Since it takes a long time to recover after teleportation, it is usually best for players to run away after death. The only defensive improvement it brings to you is a delay of a few more seconds. Or players can use Cheap SWTOR Credits to buy some useful items to deal with.

SWTOR 7.0 Sorcerer change preview and analysis

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