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Vanilla is more difficult than vanilla

Posted By Wei weismart     October 14, 2021    

It's not because they can't afford it. The reason is not WOW TBC Gold because they cannot afford it. It's now a clear cash grab with more spoon feeding and handholding.

SOM will be suffering the same fate like classical due to minor changes. Their "first step" doesn't meet the standards of quality. There are so many easy changes that require only a few minutes to implement, but could result in significant changes, creating a unique experience. Simply said it is clear that blizzard has lost all feeling of ambition. Thus, the OP post about discontent is born.

Bots, gold inflation, cost of consumption that is soul crushing. "Buffing bosses" doesn't always mean harder work, but more responsibilities to purchase more consumables. Players will be forced into the game of gdkps. It's not that classic wasn't enjoyable but the game got significantly less enjoyable when AQ was added and naxx

Those were mega server problems. My server hosted about 3.5k people and it was quite impressive. If you farm your own consumption, you don't have to spend any additional money. Inb4 is too big with nodes: This is a huge server issue. Servers with vanilla-like populations haven't had any issues.

What server? It didn't happen however I am not suggesting it didn't. It was just a little less than the majority of servers. I was on Bloodsail at the end of the game, however I was on Thalnos Benediction, benediction and mankrik before that. Horde on mankrik. Alliance on the other three. Bloodsail was not plagued by the problems that other servers have. We saw people come onto our server to purchase mats and ah to sell on other servers.

Vanilla is more difficult than vanilla, and there will be no wbuffs, or higher level bosses to fight. Many players complained about how MC is ridiculed as a joke. This has been rectified to some degree. The developers are now reportedly fixing mage boosting. This should improve the world's interaction and increase the quality of the leveling experience.

Many "Classic" players want #nochanges. Classic+ isn't Classic, and it could only appeal to those who don't like vanilla. Modern MMO players will want an updated design, while older vanilla players would prefer a basic cheap Burning Crusade Classic Gold design and the best option is "no modifications" because they're bad in the game...
Vanilla is more difficult than vanilla

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