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How to get NBA 2K22 tokens in NBA 2K22 MyTeam?

Posted By LebronJohn LebronJohn     October 13, 2021    

With NBA 2K22 MyTeam, you can form an elite team of skilled players from the past and present. For this, you will get better players when playing games. Fortunately, there are some ways to buy them with special currencies in the game. These include NBA 2K22 tokens, virtual currencies and NBA 2K22 MT. Players should learn how to get token rewards in MyTeam mode.

As mentioned earlier, there are three types of game currencies in NBA 2K22. There are 2K22 virtual currency (VC), MT, Tokens, you can get more through purchase or other means. It displayed the token as a small oval/rectangular gold icon in the upper right corner of the MyTeam screen. Using tokens, you can Buy MT 2K22, including player cards of different levels.

Each level of the token reward store requires a different amount of tokens to purchase these cards.
Emerald Rewards: 3 Tokens
Sapphire Rewards: 6 Tokens
Ruby Rewards: 15 Tokens
Amethyst Rewards: 30 Tokens
Diamond Rewards: 60 Tokens
Pink Diamond Rewards: 150 Tokens
Galaxy Opal Rewards: TBA

Besides player cards, there are also packages available in the token market. These include injury cards, badges and other packages, including some MyTeam promotional series. For example, we recently saw the emergence of the NBA 2K22 signature series package. To access the token market, scroll to “Pack Market” on the main screen of MyTeam and select “Rewards”.

If players have any questions about how to get enough tokens or NBA 2K22 MT, they can consult the famous GameMS, which is free. And there they will get the most suitable guidance, and they can also participate in the Facebook or Twitter sweepstakes initiated by GameMS to draw a lot of discount codes or surprise gifts to buy cheaper NBA 2K22 MT. Come together! 

How to get NBA 2K22 tokens in NBA 2K22 MyTeam?

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