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What players need to know about SWTOR's October event

Posted By yyy jjj     October 11, 2021    
SWTOR will have many activities in October, and players can get a lot of rewards. Interested players can check some of the activity time and requirements here, and actively participate in accordance with the requirements. This will enable players to get a lot of generous rewards and SWTOR Credits. Here is everything they need to know.

Double XP Event. This may be the last double XP event before the Legacy of the Sith expansion pack, so players and their friends should seize this excellent opportunity to transition to level 80. This event starts on October 12th and ends on November 2nd. And it has no level requirements. Players can buy SWTOR Credits to actively participate in this event.

Bounty Contract Week. This long-running event will be held concurrently with Double XP and Feast of Prosperity. Hope they can let players buy and sell contracts on GTN again. When they moved all event currencies to the currency tab instead of in the main inventory, the feature was removed. Hope they will solve this problem, perhaps by adding items that players can buy from BBA suppliers and converting them 1:1 into inventory items, similar to what they did with non-traditional bound currencies in the past. Players can also Buy SWTOR Credits to buy the items they want.

The event date is October 19th to 26th, and the requirement for players is level 15 or above. In a limited time, any player willing to undertake dangerous contracts can jump into the Bounty Brokers Association. Players should provide experienced novice hunters with the opportunity to prove their skills and bring criminal groups and violent groups to justice. Every day, players can sign a standard Henchman contract and a high-profile Kingpin contract, which will be able to take players to a separate planet. Complete five standard contracts to unlock the kingpin mission with greater loot! But don't forget that players need to prepare enough SWTOR Credits to make the task easy to complete.
What players need to know about SWTOR's October event

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