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Reika s superb cosplay shows his mastery of craftsmanship

Posted By Adella Boyer     October 10, 2021    


Welcome back, cosplay fans! This is the time of the Weekly Cosplay Cogconnected feature. This week we glance at Reika, a well-known Japanese cosplayer for his complex outfits, his magnificent wigs and his ability to turn. She can withdraw everything, malicious schoolgirls to cunning rethorn demons through fighting soldiers in combat, and everything seems natural. Scroll to see some of the incredible work it has made over the years. > Dilut Ragnvindr - Genhin Impact > Wattson - Apex Legends > Sakon Shima - Sengoku Basara >> Junko Enoshima - Danganronpa > PEKO PEKOYAMA - DANGANRONPA You want to discover a cosplay even more impressive? Why not consult our features for Knightmage, Jahara Jade and Hakken Ryou.

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Reika s superb cosplay shows his mastery of craftsmanship

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