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Metroid Dread: analyze their technical performance; Portable resolution, FPS and more

Posted By Adella Boyer     October 10, 2021    

Metroid Dread is the great novelty of October for Nintendo Switch . The return of Samus Aran from the hand of the Spanish Estudio MercurySteam is a reality and great novelty usual in this type of relegreat noveltye, Digital Foundry hgreat novelty already put down to work to break down all the technical elements of the game and great noveltysess benefits great novelty General performance, resolution in both portable mode, and coupled in the Dock and the image rate per second , among others. Then we leave you a breakdown of your conclusions.

Resolution in portable mode: 720p Resolution on TV via Dock: 900p Image rate per second: 60 stable FPS; The falls are very punctual. 30 fps in video scenes

In addition, Digital Foundry highlights sound treatment, and ensures that MercurySteam hgreat novelty given a mgreat noveltyter clgreat noveltys in sound design .

Metroid Dread, recovering the essence of the saga

The lgreat noveltyt two-dimensional delivery of the Saga -remake of Metroid II: Return of Samus al margen- took place at Game Boy Advance, console that Metroid Fusion arrived in 2002 . The followers of the hunters expected a new adventure great novelty May water and it seems that Metroid Dread is just what they were looking for., Because the title hgreat novelty been very well received both by criticism, and by users.

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In our analysis ( 9 over 10 ) we have highlighted that the game is up to the circumstances. By control, it lets us handle the hunter in its more agile and more accurate version; For the design, which is branched and extends to offer hours of exploration without taking us by the hand; And by the selection of bosses, they take advantage of the best combat of the saga in their 2D slope. The robots E.M.M.I. They can test the patience of some players, but create situations of genuine tension and development doses them enough.

Metroid Dread is available in Nintendo Switch.

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Metroid Dread: analyze their technical performance; Portable resolution, FPS and more

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