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40 phrases of Merry Christmas with love to celebrate this magical date

Posted By Jack Tona     October 9, 2021    

A happy date full of renewal, Christmas is that holiday everyone loves! Far beyond the gifts, the 25th is a perfect opportunity to spend with the one you love the most. If you want to make everyone's heart warm, then be sure to read and share these beautiful phrases of Merry Christmas with love! But before sharing, use some cool fonts to make your phrases more than just words. Use a fancy font generator to make your merry Christmas phrases outstanding. 

Merry Christmas with love phrases full of best wishes

At Christmas, we celebrate the birth of the Love that became flesh and dwelt among us, and when talking about love, I couldn't help but remember you. Merry Christmas!

Today is a day to spend with someone you love and would like to be there with you. Since you can't, I wish you and your family a happy Christmas filled with peace, love, joy, and blessings. May there never be a lack of reasons to celebrate the birth of love!

Christmas is a time to celebrate life, spread love, and sow hope. I couldn't let this date go unnoticed without saying that all these things I already find in you. Love you. Merry Christmas!

The real joy of Christmas is being able to celebrate with those you love. Glad I love you and have you around. Merry Christmas, love!

So, it's Christmas... and our hearts sing with joy for the presence, love, protection, and care of Jesus with each one of us. It's amazing that everything gets better with you around. Merry Christmas!

Christmas represents a time of love, union, and peace. Make this date stand out in yours and in the lives of everyone around you, just as you did in mine. Merry Christmas!

May you have a happy Christmas, full of dreams, gifts, and love! I would like to wrap the gift that you are in my hug full of affection to demonstrate the good you do for me.

May all the love in the world illuminate and decorate your home and the heart of your family. 

Merry Christmas! May we warm our hearts with the Christmas atmosphere and transmit this love to everyone around us. It's Christmas, Love is born!

Christmas isn't about gifts, it's about love! So, I'm going to thank you for your presence that teaches me to love. Merry Christmas!

May the love of Jesus illuminate your home, your paths, and your life this Christmas and always! Wherever He is, there will never be a lack of smiles and sense to walk. Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas, with peace, love, health, harmony, and prosperity! May this Christmas, surrounded by people who love you, restore your hope in between better days.

Merry Christmas! May peace, love, and unity reign in your home. Allow the Child God to be born in your heart and thus I have no doubt that you will be happy.

Better than all the presents under the Christmas tree is the presence of a happy and loving family, knowing that those we love are close by. Merry Christmas!

The best gift under the Christmas tree is the family wrapped in the bow of love. Merry Christmas!

More than gifts and a hearty supper, Christmas is a time of unity, hope, and love. Enjoy this special date with the one you love the most! Merry Christmas!

Best Christmas gift I can't wrap. After all, how does my love for you wrap? Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas! May our greatest gift be love and that it lasts throughout the year!

Merry Christmas! I wish you all the love in the world on this very special date. May you be surrounded by dear people and make you feel special!

Merry Christmas! Many people forget, but Christmas is a date to celebrate love, hope, and kindness... All these things I find in your smile!

Christmas is a time to celebrate the birth of Jesus and all His love for each one of us. Merry Christmas!

The birth of Christ is a date that goes far beyond the gifts. It's a time for us to remember all the love of God, who sent His Son to save us! Merry Christmas!

May the love of the baby Jesus is born in the hearts of all of his family, so peace will reign and hope will spring up. Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas! May the presence of the sacred family fill your home with love, peace, and much happiness, preparing the arrival of the Child God in the hearts of all!

Merry Christmas! Our Savior was born! May His love be present in your life today and always.

The happiest date of the year has finally arrived! I want to wish you a happy Christmas, full of love, peace, and health!

How good it is to be able to spend such a beautiful date with the one I love the most. May your Christmas also be filled with love and good things. Merry Christmas!

Stopping by to wish you and your entire family a Merry Christmas. May you celebrate all the love this day brings!

Merry Christmas! May you be surrounded by a lot of love, peace, and people who want your good!

May your Christmas be illuminated by the love of Christ and may this love continue to grow in your heart throughout the year. Merry Christmas!

May the love down on that date blossom and be felt throughout the year in our lives. Merry Christmas!

Jesus was born! May His love gladden your heart and that of your entire family. Merry Christmas!

It must be understood that Christmas is a date to celebrate the birth and love of Christ. After all, He is our Savior, born to save us and reveal the nature of love. Merry Christmas!

My wishes for this Christmas are of love, peace, and prosperity for each person. If they have God, they will lack nothing. Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas! May our lives are renewed, my love grows stronger in each of us, and may Jesus guide our steps today and always!

May the joy of this date last for a lifetime. Much love for each of us. Merry Christmas!

I don't care about this, what I really want is the love and presence of each one of you! Merry Christmas!

I want to wish everyone a happy Christmas and thank you for all the love, affection, and dedication throughout the year! You guys made a difference for me.

My love, I want to wish you a happy Christmas, full of the Baby Jesus' blessings and the joy of the holy family.

Merry Christmas! May the holy night be of peace, love, and hope as the first in which the Light of the world came to us to guide humanity along the paths of goodness!

To continue celebrating this beautiful date, check out these Tumblr Christmas quotes and share them on your social networks!

40 phrases of Merry Christmas with love to celebrate this magical date

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