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How to reset and farm skill points in Bless Unleashed?

Posted By yyy jjj     October 8, 2021    
In MMO, Bless Unleashed skill point reset is very common, which is largely due to the large number of blessings that can be equipped and the skills that can be unlocked. Players generally buy Bless Unleashed Star Seeds to get some powerful equipment. Although this feature may be planned for future updates, if you make some wrong investments in the early stages, Bless Unleashed has several convenient ways to maximize your blessing and skill points.

Bless Unleashed skill point reset method. The development team said that this is not something that players can do "currently", so this sentence can be understood as a possible Bless Unleashed skill point reset in the future. If the players do not go deep in the game, then this is not a major issue. If players want to go deep into the game, then they should prepare some Bless Unleashed Star Seeds. But if players are not sure which blessings to maximize, they may run out of points early. Fortunately, players can still maximize them by farming through some skill points.

How to obtain Bless Unleashed skill points. Players can get a lot of skill points from the missions in Bless Unleashed. There is no shortage of those. If the players run out of their current skill point pool, then they complete anything that should meet the demand. Players may also get precious things like Bless Unleashed Star Seeds in the mission. Players can gain skill experience (SXP) and build a pool of skill points by completing regional missions. Each point of SXP counts as 5% of the new skill points.

Maximizing all the skills in the blessing will unlock a passive buff that will remain active even if players replace it with a new blessing. In fact, it is not difficult to obtain skill points, but if players want to save time, please plan ahead and choose the skills and passive skills that are most needed. Players can also get a lot of soul crystals from the fierce boss battle. If they want to quickly increase their strength, then Buy Bless Unleashed Star Seeds may be helpful.
How to reset and farm skill points in Bless Unleashed?

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