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How to create characters in Bless Unleashed?

Posted By yyy jjj     October 5, 2021    
Bless Unleashed is a Korean free MMORPG developed by Round8 Studio and published by Neowiz. It will be available on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One from 2020, but the PC version was released in August and can be downloaded directly from Steam for free. Many players choose to buy Bless Unleashed Seeds in the game to get more effective items.

Bless Unleashed is a fantasy action role-playing game, open world, with PvE and PvP components. The game places the players in Pyreborn's position, and a selected person is responsible for preventing the return of the Dark Goddess, so as to save the world of Lumios from destruction. This is not the original opening. Players need to create their own characters in the game. They can also prepare some Bless Unleashed Star Seeds, which can bring great benefits to players.

Players can press the "Start" button and then select the class. Bless Unleashed provides us with five: a crusader, a melee warrior with a sword and a shield, a berserker, a two-handed axe, a ranger, able to keep the enemy at a certain distance with his bow, a magician, able to manipulate fire, Ice and arcane energy, and finally the priest, he can heal allies and bring divine judgment to the enemy. No matter which class you need to use Bless Unleashed Star Seeds to buy better equipment and weapons.

Players can choose the class according to the selected race. Crusaders can be humans or Ippins (furry beasts, about one meter tall), Berserkers only have Vargs (beasts the size of a Swedish wardrobe), rangers have only elves, and human wizards, elves and priests have only Ippin. In fact, race has no effect on the parameter level of the character and seems to have a purely aesthetic function. The gender can be selected for all breeds. The exception is Ippins, which are non-binary and have more masculine, feminine, or hermaphrodite presets available. The game then takes the players to the aesthetic customization screen, where they can make further modifications to change the color, shape, tattoo, hair or voice. Overall, this is a well-made character editor, simple and intuitive, but with many options. Players can then buy Bless Unleashed Star Seeds to purchase equipment for their characters.
How to create characters in Bless Unleashed?

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