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How do players change jobs in Final Fantasy XIV?

Posted By ZZTTT ZZTTT     October 4, 2021    

Final Fantasy XIV allows players to change jobs. However, if the player does not understand the entire system, they may miss a new job or better organization.

A unique feature of Final Fantasy XIV is to quickly change courses and jobs. This feature allows a single character to assume each role without having to retrain or make a trumpet. Best of all, players in the free trial version can access 25 courses and jobs before deciding to commit to the full game.

The Armory menu of Final Fantasy XIV allows players to change jobs instantly by switching the main hand weapon. Equip a sword and become a gladiator, switch to bow and arrow and instantly become an archer, turn the frying pan into a cook, and so on. This also means that each category is limited to one weapon or tool type, there is no mix and match.

Initially, Final Fantasy XIV characters were limited to the classes selected during the character creation process. However, after reaching level 10 and completing the corresponding guild missions, players can apply for any other FFXIV Gil. There are some minor restrictions on career switching: it cannot be changed during combat, in most instantiations, or when the action is still done on the server side.

Work can unlock new actions, passive features, and devices that the base class cannot access. Please note that Final Fantasy XIV treats occupations and advanced jobs as completely independent occupations. The player clears the task chain of a profession to level 30, and the corresponding instructor will provide a new task to improve a powerful job.

The work introduced in the extension has no associated classes. Instead, completing the initial mission will be rewarded with weapons and working crystals. Players will need to have specific FF14 Gil introduced before the two expansions and complete the expansion of the main storyline.

How do players change jobs in Final Fantasy XIV?


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