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WoW TBC Classic Cooking Guide

Posted By David Lin     October 4, 2021    
We are pleased to welcome Adventurer to our latest guide to cooking in Burning Crusade Classic. This guide will explain the fundamentals of the job and the modifications made to the new game stage. In addition, we will provide an overview of the Outland leveling process for this secondary profession that is extremely useful and vital.

For clarity, we used the term "primary profession" as you have the option to have two of them and also a secondary one if you are talking about Classic. These are fishing, first aidand cooking.

As you will observe it is a career that creates different consumables. Some of these are very basic and can only replenish mana and health. Other are more beneficial and offer various enhancements. The products from cooking are vital to raiding as well as other activities within World of Warcraft.

This profession, like any secondary profession should be taught and mastered by all. It is simple to learn and offers many benefits. This is a great profession for those who wish to be involved in raiding. There is no better or worse classes or races than there is cooking, and it has no benefits.

A tip is to combine cooking with fishing as the two fields complement each other. Fishing gives a lot of food items that are essential to cook. In fact, certain special recipes that require end-game fish.

Cooking in the Burning Crusade didn't really change significantly from Classic. In the same way, the majority of recipes come from vendors and quests, although there are also cooking dailies available that we will discuss further in this WoW TBC Classic Cooking guide.

It is important to note the fact that TBC cooking demands that players build a Basic Campfire made of Flint, Tinder, and Simple Wood. The latter is then used up.

The main distinction between Classic and Classic is that you don't have to purchase any items from vendors. All of the ingredients can be fished or hunted. We suggest you start learning Fishing when you're new to it. The guide is available on the WoW TBC Classic Fishing guide.

Moving on to the daily challenges we discussed. They will be very important in reaching the highest levels of cooking. And by that , I'm not referring to the process of levelling however, rather what happens afterward. They allow players to have access to the most advanced recipes as well as the necessary ingredients.

They are only available after you have reached level 70. They require you to travel to high-level regions and mostly kill some things and make something from it. All quests are provided by The Rokk in Shattrath City at 61.6, 14.8.

There are four quests available.

Super Hot Stew is prepared by visiting Blade's Edge Mountains' Forge Camp Terror to take out an Abyssal Flambringer, and then cook its corpse over an Crunchy Serpent, 2 Mok’Nathal Shortribs.

Soup for Soul requires the user to use four Roasted Clefthoof in order to make a soup at the Ancestral Grounds of Nagrand.

The revenge is Tasty. It calls you to go to Skettis in Terokkar Forest, and kill a Monstrous Kaliri to collect a Giant Kaliri Wing and make 3 Warp Burger.

Manalicious, which, unlike the rest, involves just picking a Mana Berry that grow in the Eco-Dome region in Netherstorm.

The main reason for completing these quests is of course the rewards. For each of those you will be awarded the selection of either a Barrel Fish or a Crate of Meat. Although these contain mostly outland-sourced ingredients, they're a great source of recipes like:

Recipe: Captain Rumsey's lager

Recipe: Stormchops

Recipe: Delicious Chocolate Cake

Recipe Kibler's Bits

Skullfish soup recipe

Recipe: Broiled Bloodfin

Recipe: Spicy Hot Talbuk

A Guide to WoW TBC Classic Cooking

We have tried to make this WoW TBC Classic Cooking Guide as simple and cost-effective as we can, without sacrifice any of the above characteristics. Therefore, it should be a reasonable cost to follow it on most servers regardless of whether you choose to buy the necessary ingredients through the Auction House. However, do mind the fact that the economies of servers differ in a way that we can't cater for every single one of these, in addition to certain modifications that are expected to happen at various stages of play.

It is important to note that, as you will notice when you start the Cooking Window, the recipes are going to be shown in different shades - yellow, orange green, gray, and. They indicate the likelihood that you are to get an improvement in your skills after completing the recipe , starting from the first one which guarantees an increase in points, to the last one which means you're not gaining any experience from crafting this recipe.

In general, it is best to develop recipes that are only orange every day. This isn't possible and even more challenging to create. It is possible that you will require additional reagents or numbers based on the luck you have.

Cooking with level is the most beneficial feature about it. Like many other careers, the recipes required for levelling are all very accessible, since the majority of them can be bought or taught by a seller. Without further delay we'll get going with the WoW TBC Classic Cooking guide!

First, you must reach the level 325. There are a number of options. The following recipes are suitable for this part of your levelling.

Buzzard Bites, which requires 1 Buzzard Meat

Ravager Dog You'll need 1 Ravager Flesh

Blackened Trout is made from 1 Barbed Gill Trout

To make Feltail Delight you will need 1 Spotted Feltail

The quest leading to the first recipe is available after landing in Outland. The meats can be bought from Hellfire Peninsula while the fish can be caught in Zangarmarsh. The recipes of the vendors can be purchased from Sid Limbardi (Recipe: Ravager Dog) or in Honor Hold, and Doba in Zangarmarsh when you're part of the Alliance. The Horde can also obtain their recipes from Cookie One Eye in Thrallmar, Gambarinka in Zangarmarsh (Recipe : Ravager Dog), and Zurai (Recipe : The Feltail Delight) and both located in Zangarmarsh.

Once you have completed this step After that, you'll want to make the next set of four recipes. You can choose the recipes you would like to combine or not, since they all share the same degree of difficulty. Moreover, in this case, all of the recipes are purchased from sellers. There are a variety of options for reaching level 355:

Talbuk Steak, which requires 1 Talbuk Venison

Roasted Clefthoof, for which you will need 1 Clefthoof Meat

Warp Burger which is going cost you 1 Warped Flesh each

Golden Fish Sticks are made from 1 Golden Darter

The recipes could even extended to 365, if you do not mind grinding in the green a little bit.

You will need to visit certain vendors to obtain the recipes. For example If you're Alliance character is Uriku in Telaar or Nagrand, for the Recipe for Roasted Clefthoof and the recipe for Talbuk Steak, then you should visit Uriku in Telaar to get the recipe for Talbuk Steak and the Recipe for Warp Burger. Innkeeper Biribi is also located in the same place to buy the recipe for Golden Fish Sticks.

In the case of the Horde You must visit Nula the butcher in Garadar, Nagrand for the Recipe: Roasted Clefthoof and recipe: Talbuk Steak, for the Recipe: Warp Burger you need to visit the innkeeper Grilka located in Stonebreaker Hold, Terokkar, who sells it and Rungor who is located situated in the same area to obtain the recipe Golden Fish Sticks.

After that, you'll be at 355 or 365 depending on the extent to which you performed an additional grind. There are three options to accomplish it, one of which requires lesser materials, and the other that will require more. The Spicy Crawdad Recipe requires:

1 Furious Crawdad

The advantage of this is that the recipe is still yellow at 350. To get the materials you need you'll need a flying mount. The recipe is available from the Innkeeper Biribi in Allerian Stronghold, Terokkar if you are with the Alliance, or Rungor in Stonebreaker Hold if you are with the Horde.

It is also possible to use Mok'Nathal Shortribs, or Crunchy Serpent. These recipes must be followed in the following order:

1 Raptor Ribs

1 Serpent Flesh

The recipes are easily acquired. Both are available for purchase when you're part of the Alliance. If you're part of the Horde, on the contrary, they are accessible through the quest Mok'Nathal Treats in Blade's Edge. Both factions are able to purchase the recipes through a neutral seller in Ruuan Weald Blade's Edge – Xerintha Ravenoak.

After following all of the steps of this WoW TBC Classic Cooking guide You are now a renowned Master Chef (pun intended) and are now able to mix the exquisite foods that Outland has to offer. Have fun and good luck creating some tasty food.

Cooking Instructor

It is essential to recognize that professions have ranks. They include Apprentice, Journeyman Expert, Expert, and Artist. The Master Outland Cooking rank will require you to visit special trainers to be able to reach. This will be especially important if you want to follow our WoW TBC Classic Cooking guide since as you progress through the levels of the job, you will have to improve these ranks to acquire more skill levels:

The new trainers that have been added to the Burning Crusade are:

"Cookie" McWeaksauce can be found on Azuremist Isle at 46.6 and 70.6

Mumman can be found at Exodar, 56.2, 26.7

Quarelestra, who can be located within the Falconwing Square, at 48.6, 47.0

Sylann, located in Silvermoon City at 69.6, 71.4

Jack Trapper is an Outland neutral trainer that works in Shattrath for cooking of lower levels at 63.2 and 68.6

You should also remember that TBC will require you to complete quests or purchase specific items in order to enhance your 150 Cooking skills. Expert cooking will require you to purchase the Expert Cookbook in addition to Artisan Cooking requires the player to be able to complete the questline "I Have a Friend in Ironforge" or "To Gadgetzan You Go!" In Orgrimmar. Both of which are going bring you to Gadgetzan and then lead you to the next adventure that will award you with your Artisan Title.

Additionally, you will need to visit a vendor for each faction in order to learn Master Cooking, and one neutral vendor for this. They will sell you a book - Master Cookbook, which teaches the player the art of Cooking as well as is of course, essential before you start working on your level with our WoW TBC Classic Cooking guide.To learn the skill the players have to be at least 300 cooking skill and be at least level 35. The sellers mentioned include:

Gaston Gaston Honor Hold, Hellfire Peninsula, at 54.0, 63.6

Baxter is a resident of Thrallmar on Hellfire Peninsula at 56, 37

Naka, in Cenarion Hold, Zangarmarsh, at 78.6, 63.0

We appreciate your interest in our WoW TBC Classic Cooking Guide. We wish you many great adventures and delicious meals and beverages, Hero of Azeroth!
WoW TBC Classic Cooking Guide

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