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Madden 22 ratings: Top 10 rookies, and top players with new teams

Posted By MMOruki MMOruki     September 29, 2021    

It's a good reminder that the position formut coinswhich you've been selected for does not always reflect the rating in Madden. I'm slightly disappointed that Dallas Cowboys linebacker Micah Parsons was not drafted, but I'm sure he'll be on the right side of the spectrum -- perhaps a 73 overall. EA's ratings are a little more harsh than our forecasts, which you can check out below.

A lot of rookies receive higher ratings in Madden 22 than quarterbacks with experience. EA and ESPN published ratings for rookies and players who will be joining teams on the horizon. A majority of them are quarterbacks.

Matthew Stafford, who was transferred to the Los Angeles Rams in the offseason, is graded an 83 % while Jared Goff, who was given to the Lions along with three draft picks, is rated as a general 77. 28-year-old Carson Wentz, who was taken out of Philadelphia, is a 72 overall, and Jalen Hurts who replaced him, is a 71.

It's a pleasure to report that my prediction for Julio Jones was accurate. The veteran 32-year old player was expected to receive with a 93 overall rating. But it turned out that he was with the Titans with a dazzling 95 rating. He finished at that level in Madden 22 and EA evidently doesn't care about his age or his health. It's possible Jones could be among the top five WR in Madden 22, depending on the way other receivers are ranked.

Derrick Henry has criminally low break-tackle rating in 'Madden NFL 22'. If you think of tackles that have broken, no running back is the first thing that comes to the mind prior to Tennessee Titans star rusher, Derrick Henry -- well at least, for those of us that didn't participate in the "Madden NFL 22" video game. Henry routinely runs defenders over on the football field thanks to his size and speed. We've even seen Henry stiff-arm players tocheap Madden 22 coinsanother dimension over his career.
Madden 22 ratings: Top 10 rookies, and top players with new teams

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