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SPLATOON 3 prepares for battle: Details are confirmed about a new weapon and an unpublished scenario

Posted By Adella Boyer     September 29, 2021    

No matter the methods that are used, while they allow us to win the war. And, although this phrase could be removed from any war degree, in this case we refer to the paint battles in SPLATOON. A series of games very in the nintendo style in which a well-known mechanics is turned around in the world of video game to make them more children, which will continue to persecute in Splatoon 3, the next delivery of the saga. A return to the Paint-Ball of the inklings that, as was on the Nintendo Direct of September, will feature a new scenario and a weapon of the most peculiar .

Following the tonic of the universe of Humanoid squid, Nintendo has published on his Twitter account two of the novelties that, for the time being, have been shown by SPLATOON 3: The crustaceous alleys and the cangrejobot . The first scenario presented will be an old quarter in the center of the city of Tintelia, which in turn has a lot of popularity among the younger inklings. However, there is a feature that will encourage territorial battles, as there will be an upper walkway that will cross the map and, therefore, will expand the number of strategies that can be done.

The Cangrejobot will have powerful weapons, but also a reduced movement speed but perhaps one of the most outstanding elements of the trailer has been the Cangrejobot. A machine that simulates being a tank and, therefore, will have its advantages and disadvantages in battle. Since, on the one hand, it has a powerful machine gun and a long-range cannon that, as a whole, will leave large paint stains in our favor . However, and as it happens with this kind of vehicles, the cancrejobot will be something heavy, so the speed of movement is compromised , as long as we do not pass the ball mode, in which we can not attack, but We will have the opportunity to cross the stage quickly .

SPLATOON 3 will return us to a frantic battle of painting against other players, but it will also discover us a new race that will alter all the life of the inklings: mammaleroides. And, although there is still much to show the game, Nintendo has already confirmed that it will arrive at Nintendo Switch at some point of 2022 . The presentation of the Nintendo Direct has given many surprises of what to speak, which has given rise to a constant data update. In this sense, we already have some extra brushstrokes of the next and expensive Adventure of Bayonetta 3 and, as for simpler games, we have also known a little more of Chocobo GP s driving.

SPLATOON 3 prepares for battle: Details are confirmed about a new weapon and an unpublished scenario

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