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Can I stop the graphics card,

Posted By Adella Boyer     September 27, 2021    

As a high-performance graphics card that must be used for games or content creation, it is incorporated into the encryption mobilization mining. The complaints of the general consumer that had to post a multiple upgrade have already exceeded the level that has already been patient.

Instead of a graphics card, a card that specializes in the mining function appears to be a time that such a phenomenon will be alleviated to some extent. NVIDIA is scheduled to strengthen CMP (cryptominning processor), which is a dedicated operation device that was released this first half.

Another graphics card manufacturer was captured by the context of creating a mining product using the AMD Radeon graphics chipset. However, the opinion is dominant to improve graphics card prices and improvement of graphics card prices, even if the private card is dedicated.

\u25a0 NVIDIA, New CMP 170HX Preparation

NVIDIA has been putting a strategy for the first half of this year. First, the graphics chipset applied LHR (Low Cryste Cryste) function to half the performance when encrypted mining, such as encryption mining, such as encryption mining. In addition, CMP, which is a calculator specialized in encryption mining, was released.

However, a cryptographic mining program that bypasses LHR function is emerging, and the fact that the mining process appears, such as Raven Coin, which is not limited to LHR, and this performance limit was virtually neutralized.

According to major IT media, NVIDIA is preparing a new CMP 170HX created with a RTX A100 Tensor Core graphics chipset, a graphics chipset for workstation. HBM2E 8GB memory was mounted, but unlike the general graphics card, there is no video output terminal.

The constitutional calculation performance (Harvest) is a 164 MH / S to G. POS RTX 3080 graphics chipset (86.79 MH / S) or a top-level CMP, which is the top CMP, and 90HX (86 MH / S). The launch schedule is expected to be in the second quarter next year, and the price is understant.

\u25a0 AMD Radeon-based mining products also capture

The AMD Radeon graphic chipset was popular in the encryption market with high mining performance compared to the NVIDIA GeForce RX 20 series 3-4 years ago. Recently, according to overseas IT media, such as Toms Hardware, AMD s latest graphics architecture Butterfly 22 based cryptographic filler was captured.

This device attached 2,304 stream processors similar to Radeon RX 6700m and GDDR6 10GB memory. The manufacturer is XFX. The performance performance of the operation of the operation is similar to that of 39.06 MH / s, or a level similar to that of RTX 3060 Ti LHR, or Radeon RX 6600 XT.

AMD has revealed that the end of March would not have a limitation to use the graphic chipset for encryption milling. Therefore, there is no significant problem that the graphics card manufacturer will bring the Radeon graphic chipset to the Radeon graphic chipset.

Rather, AMD s manufacturing capabilities may be a problem with the largest homework. Currently, AMD is charging the production process on Taiwan TSMC, and in a limited amount of Laisen processor, Radeon graphics chipset and a chip for a console game machine.

\u25a0 It seems that it will not be influenced even if it is released

However, this mining graphics card seems to be difficult to improve the market situation.

The CMP 170HX , which NVIDIA is preparing to launch, will be on the market in 2Q09 next year. AMD Radeon Graphics Chipset-based minerals are also difficult to solve the volume that can affect the market. The major graphics card manufacturers also prefer generic graphics card production than mining products.

The national graphics card distributor officials that require anonymity If a high-performance mining product is released, the funds will be prompted as a mining card. However, small and medium miningers will still rely on graphics cards.

Can I stop the graphics card,

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