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Posted By David Lin     September 22, 2021    

Soul Wars, a new minigame in OSRS which pits teams each other, shares many of the same characteristics as Castle Wars. To win, you need to eliminate your opponent's avatar ten times in a row, and not capture flags.

Soul Wars is an RS3-based game first introduced to pre EOC Runescape in February 2009. Many of the nostalgic player base of OSRS still remembers Soul Wars from those early days of Runescape. Soul Wars was released to OSRS in 2021 after an opinion poll where the majority of players voted in favor.

Why should you play soul wars in OSRS?

Soul Wars has a bunch of rewards that make it a tempting minigame to play.

EXP bonus

Imbuing (alternatives to Nightmare Zone).

Spoils of War

Most people will engage in Soul Wars to earn EXP. Soul Wars Zeal tokens may be traded in to gain experience in Magic, Ranged, Attack Strength, Defence Hitpoints, and Prayer.

This could make Soul Wars an alternative, free method to train prayer.

It can also help you work on a pure PK build.

Soul Wars was a popular method to earn 99 hitpoints back in pre-eoc Runescape. This was done by creating a brand new Runescape account and removing all statistics. This is no longer possible since OSRS Soul Wars requires a 40 combat level to start.

Soul Wars Requirements

These stat requirements are needed for playing Soul Wars:

40 combat level (ideally greater!)

500 total level

These steps were taken as Soul Wars was a very poorly executed event in the pre-eoc.

Soul Wars can also only be played on the designated worlds which are: 320, 350, and 535.

How do I get to Soul Wars in OSRS

It's simple to get to Soul Wars. The easiest method to get there is to utilize the minigame teleporter to Soul Wars.

To start, go over to your quest menu and choose the minigame (the red logo) then go through the game's list of Soul Wars and teleport there It's that very simple!

Another way to get into Soul Wars is by going through the portal which is located in Edgeville located just to the West of the Grand Exchange.

A battle bracelet or amulet that contains the word "glory" is a great way to send you to Edgeville.

How does Soul Wars work?

Soul Wars is a fairly easy and straightforward minigame with lots of similarities with Castle Wars. Two teams compete against each one another. Each team has its own avatar which is able to be killed by the opponent. The aim is to kill the avatar of your opponent 10 times in a row. This will earn you victory.

The avatar can be weakened by collecting fragments from the battlefield. You can do this by either killing ghosts or killing players. These fragments have to be presented to the obelisk at the middle of the mini-game. This will reduce the avatar of the opponent, this makes it easier to take out.

Soul Wars will be your first time playing it. For a general understanding of the game, you'll need to go through the tutorial.

Then you can take part in Soul Wars solo or with the clan.

Remember: Soul Wars can only be played from Worlds 350, 320, and 535.

Soul Wars has two lobbies that are for clans, and the other for players who are solo. If you're playing solo, you have to pick the Western Lobby.

Setup of Soul Wars Gear

Ice Barrage is a very common element in Soul Wars, much like Castle Wars. You are advised to bring armour that has high-magic defense bonuses.

Black D'hide as well as Karils are two examples.

If you're able to access Ice Barrage yourself, this could be a game-changing feature in Soul Wars to hold off the enemies.

A spec weapon such as AGS, DDS, Claws is highly advised.

Soul Wars Inventory Setup

Before you start Soul Wars, you should ensure your inventory is not full, except for any runes or gear switches you might need.

You will find bandages and potions within your base. You can also find explosives and barricades outside your base.

The best way to organize your inventory is to keep two potions and the remainder of your inventory filled with bandages. Explosives are not typically employed by players as they can occupy an inventory slot.

How to Play Soul Wars?

Soul Wars' whole purpose is to offer fragments of the Soul Obelisk in the middle of the map, to weaken enemy avatars.

Only one soul-obelisk exists, so both sides will be fighting for this spot.

Players at higher levels should be taking on enemy avatars. It's your responsibility as a member of your team to concentrate on activities depending on your combat level. It's also your responsibility to identify the areas where you're most needed.

Recommended Gameplay for Low Levels

As a low level, you will generally be busy farming and doing obelisk runs using your fragments. You should focus on killing ghosts instead of PKing. Keep frequent visits to the obelisk for your fragments. Take the bones of the NPCs you kill , and put them in your graveyard.

Highly Recommended Gameplay for High-Levels

At a higher level one, you must identify the areas where you're needed most on your team.

Focus on defending the soul Obelisk

Concentrate on attacking the adversary avatar/defending your team avatar

Unnecessary player killing is a waste of time! Please!

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