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How do Final Fantasy XIV players make FFXIV Gil?

Posted By ZZTTT ZZTTT     September 21, 2021    

Every week, players can receive a new log from Khloe of Idyllshire, which provides a bingo-like system in which players can complete trials, raids, and dungeons to obtain seals. Some top-level equipment, such as the magnificent Shin Yizide armor and Incitatus Whistle, sell for millions of FFXIV Gil. Players can sell them on the market board for huge profits, but even smaller items such as maps and creeps can also get good Income price.

Players can enter the gardening to make FFXIV Gil, which can get rich returns. First, one of the most profitable but time-consuming plants players can grow is onions, which they can use to upgrade their Chocobo companions. Doing so requires not only hybridization of other vegetables to get the correct seeds but also frequent and diligent watering. But it will definitely bring players a lot of FFXIV Gil.

Professional missions can bring reliable income to players who want FFXIV Gil. If the player looks at the items needed to complete the professional task, just make a pile of the items and watch the player line up to buy them. Of course, this requires players to upgrade craftsmen. It is strongly recommended that players upgrade their production work anyway, because production is an important part of obtaining FFXIV Gil.

The above are some tips for players who don't know how to Buy FFXIV Gil in Final Fantasy XIV. In fact, in addition to accepting new journals, entering gardening, and participating in professional missions, players also have other ways to obtain FFXIV Gil. This will be the main content of our next issue, remember to check it out! 

How do Final Fantasy XIV players make FFXIV Gil?


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