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I'm not convinced that they should increase

Posted By Wei weismart     September 17, 2021    

It's all about what is considered to be an ability. It's a RuneScape gold similar question to ask if those who win gold medals at the ParaOlympics should be respected more than those who win gold medals in the Olympics because athletes competing in the ParaOlympics had to overcome physical disabilities to snag that medal. But to diminish the significance of the person who attained the gold medal is unjust, as he also must have overcome physically fit competitors to get the gold medal.

I'd be interested to hear other people's opinions on this question. I'm curious to know what the next skillcape is?

I'm a Summoning tank, in desperate need of charms. They take too long for me to acquire, and I don’t have anyone willing to trade my charms. I am offering to pay per Charm. I'd prefer if we could make it happen in the Chaos Tunnels, since it's multicombat, and contains many monsters.

I'm in the process of getting a Magic Skillcape (untrimmed), and I'd like to know a suggestion for an outfit. It would be ideal if the outfit were less than 2M, but you can you can suggest anything and it will go towards my list of items to save to purchase. You don't have a hood to wear however it's an excellent accessory to your outfit. Thanks, guys.

You can also suggest quest items. Do not use the Mobilising Armies Rewards for me. I have 80 defence and 81 Attack. I also have 88 Strength, 70 Prayer and 77 Ranged if that helps for the availability of armour. I am currently P2P, and will be so for as much time as I see.

I'm not convinced that they should increase the skill to 120. This is just speculation. Jagex stated that Dungeoneering moves to 120 because it is too difficult to fit into 99 levels. Additionally they have no plans to increase the caps on other skills. Everybody is asking what other skills will be raised to 120. Although I was initially opposed to this idea, I quickly realized that many skills are cheap OSRS gold becoming more accessible and may even be the main reasons for raising other skills to 120. Below, I will discuss the some of the skills that could or may not be increased.
I'm not convinced that they should increase
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