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King's Ransom OSRS Quest Guide, Requirements, and Rewards

Posted By David Lin     September 8, 2021    

The King's Ransom OSRS quest The final mission in the Camelot series is where players must discover the mystery of Morgan le Faye (and the Sinclair family) to take down Camelot. As time runs low and clues are scarce and scattered it is imperative to resolve the mystery prior to Camelot and the Knights of the Round Table are destroyed.
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King's Ransom Quest Requirements
Step-by-Step Instructions
Quest Rewards
King's Ransom OSRS Quest Requirements
You'll need to meet some requirements in order to complete this quest. Before we can start working on the things you'll need for this quest, you'll first need to be at level 45 Magic, as well as Level 65 Defence. Also, you will need to be able to complete the following quests: Black Knight's Fortress (or Holy Grail), Merlin's Crystal (or Murder Mystery), One Small Favour, Rune Mysteries and Druidic Ritual), Shilo Village and Jungle Potion.

Granite, Telekinetic Grab, as well as certain armours, are most important items you'll require. This includes full black armor, a chainbody made of iron and a bronze-med-helm. An animated rock scroll is required as well, but it is available during the quest.

Quest Guide for King's Ransom OSRS
You will first need to speak to Gossip at the Sinclair Mansion (located in the north of Camelot Castle) to get started on the quest. You will hear that the Sinclair's have been pointing fingers towards Anna for the murder of Lord Sinclair. Gossip will continue to state the evidence provided by one of the family members that proves that Anna was guilty. He will continue to say that King Arthur has vanished along with his knights just as the Sinclair family was leaving.

After you've reached an agreement to investigate the situation, talk to the guard who suspects that the Sinclair family is responsible for the disappearance of King Arthur and his Knights. He believes that it may all be part of a larger scheme to take over Camelot. After being informed that no one is allowed into Camelot or Sinclair Mansion, you will be given the inquiry.

Examining the Mansion
Break the glass that is on the eastern side of the building to gain entry into the mansion. Once you are inside, you are going to require some items as proof. First, take the scrap paper from the dining room. After that, climb up to the 1st level and grab the address form from library. Also, the Black Knight Helm is located in the bookcase that is to your west.

The guard will review the evidence and agree with you that there's something that is suspicious about King Arthur's disappearance. When he examines the evidence, you'll be told to wait a month for the process to be conducted. Go to Gossip now to find out more details about the Sinclair family's history by choosing any of the three options.

After hearing the three stories, we will visit the Seers' village courthouse. Speak to Anna there, who will explain the fact that she was targeted by the real killer, even though nobody is going to believe her. Inquire about the whereabouts of her family members, after she'll tell you she doesn't know. Before you leave, she'll make a deal with you in which you must help her obtain a not guilty decision in exchange for assistance getting into Camelot. The thread used by the criminal will be given to you. It is then your turn to recommend that the servants testify.

You can skip the portion about getting the testimony by going straight down the steps of the courthouse to start the trial. The servants can be asked questions to find out who the murderer was if you want to crack the case for yourself. There are six servants at the mansion. If you wish to engage in conversation with them, head back.

Anna's Trial
As the trial proceeds, you'll be able to summon witnesses and talk to the judge. To get the verdict you want you must disprove Anna's fingerprints on the dagger, and also the unopened poison Anna purchased and a thread from her clothing discovered at the scene of the incident. Rebutting evidence that Anna was present at the scene of the crime when the crime occurred is necessary.

Call the butler to ask whether he knows about the dagger. Then, call the dog handler to enquire about the poison. Then, call the maid to find out where she was doing that night in question. In order to end the defense's case you may also contact any person to ask questions about the thread. The judge will then end the trial and request a verdict, which will be not guilty.

To exit the courtroom, just click the gate, and then speak to Anna in the cells. You will be told how to access Camelot. Next, go to the east of the castle, and search for the statue in front of the temple. This will start a scene that involves Anna and David. The scene will reveal that Anna and David have set you up and are the ones responsible for Lord Sinclair's death. Morgan le Faye will appear sudden and knock you unconscious.

Waking Up in Jail
If you reach the jail along with Merlin and the King's Knights. Merlin will tell you that King Arthur has been made into a granite statue. Morgan Le Faye and the Sinclair family have teamed up to recover Camelot. The Sinclair family will rob the Holy Grail.

Ask Merlin what you should do. Go through the conversation the click on the vent that you will find in front of the gate. Merlin is then able to escape with the help of knights by constructing the human pyramid. You can then speak to the knights and determine if there are ways to escape. If you've been provided with a lockpick, then you can use it on the door made of metal. If not, then make use of Telekinetic Grab to grab the hair clip to use as an escape plan.

Then, you'll need to figure out the puzzle. The most effective method to accomplish this is to make each number zero prior to trying the lock. You could increase them as you need and remove those with a green circle. Once you are out, you will find yourself in the basement of Keep Le Faye.

The Holy Grail
It is necessary to climb to the second floor. The puzzle will be presented for you to solve. Select the second to last purple box on the right to find the solution.

King Arthur is found Arthur
Then we must free King Arthur. Therefore, head towards East Ardougne and visit the Wizard Cromperty. He will explain to you that King Arthur must be released and you'll need to defeat Morgan's spell. The animated rock scroll as well as the granite will be given to you. You'll need the items required and armor, so that you can enter the Black Knights Fortress north of Ice Mountain.

Enter through the security doors and don your black equipment. Pull the wall in front of the door. Take the ladder down and select the Free option at the King Arthur statue. Chat with him and then give him the iron chainbody and bronze medhelm as guard uniform.

Return to Camelot with King Arthur at his castle and talk to him about the quest.

King's Ransom OSRS Quest Rewards
For finishing this quest, you will receive 1 quest point, along with 33,000 Defense experience and 5,000 Magic experience. Additionally, you will receive an Antique Lamp, plus access to the Knight Waves Training Grounds. Additionally, you will be able to use the Chivalry and Piety prayers once you've finished the Knight Waves Training Grounds.

Congrats on having completed the King's Ransom OSRS quest, and the Camelot quest series!
King's Ransom OSRS Quest Guide, Requirements, and Rewards

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