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In this article I have mentioned numerous games for children between 0 to 3 years, So as you know how many days old your child is, select the best game for him.


Up to 5 months, babies are attracted to objects that move or emit noises, such as music boxes, gyms, and carousels.


Whenever you play with your child, it is important to talk to him in different tones so as to capture his attention. Talking to your child, encouraging him to respond, can greatly help with language development.


For younger babies, from 0 to 18 months, you can stimulate the baby with colorful and noise-making objects. You can show the child and enthusiastically say "look what's here" and then say the name of the object.


You can take cloth books or books that make verses. Pointing to the drawings, one may ask "what is this?" and then explain the figure.


When the little one is able to follow the movement with his eyes, the various objects that move can be shown: playing with balloons, making soap bubbles, rolling a ball, attaching toys to the mobile that he will then try to grab ...

The "cuckoo" game

Babies love the "cuckoo" game. The adult covers his face with both hands. Then he opens his hands, as if a window opens, and showing his face he says "cuckoo".

You can cover your face with a garment and removing it is called "cuckoo".

Other variations are turning your head and then turning quickly; or hide behind a piece of furniture, a door, a curtain …


A game similar to the "cuckoo" consists of hiding a toy and asking the child where it has gone. Then you take out the object and say "here it is!".

Another evolution is to hide a toy in the right or left hand and then ask the child to guess where the object is.

Let's pretend ...

At the age of about 2, the imagination develops. By stimulating the capacity of imagination, the child will then find, even independently, new ways to play with dolls, toy cars, soft toys...

You can show him how to play with the child's favorite soft toy, pretending it is real: you can play with it, talk, take him for a walk, put him to bed, give him food and drink ...

You can pretend to make tea for the dolls, or pretend to be cooking, cleaning, or making a phone call.

Funny Face

If the parent or an adult familiar to the child makes strange faces, the child will be very amused. In addition to the face, sounds can also be emitted. You can stick out your tongue, yawn, twist your mouth, shake your head …


From 6 months onwards you can take the baby in front of the mirror and, little by little, also ask the baby to make various faces.

Finger puppets

The puppet finger you can buy on Amazon (in the shape of animals cost about 1 euro each), in a store or you can make it at home. You can pretend that the various characters are talking, singing, and dancing.

Tactile games

Touch is very important for babies and, as the months go by, you can provide new stimuli that involve the little one.


From three months on, you can give him objects of different types: soft, hard, soft, silky, rough, hairy, cold, warm ... Obviously, you have to pay attention to the size of the object so that no object can be ingested.

Musical hide and seek

It is a game suitable for children aged one and a half years and up. Take a toy that plays and show it to the child. Then you hide it and the child has to find it. To help him you can give him the directions: "water", "little fire", "fire".

Salt dough

Children love to manipulate salt dough or didò. You can buy the pasta of various colors contained in the jars or you can make the salt dough at home.

Mysterious box

This activity/game can be done from about 2 years old up to 7 years old children. You can also organize this game for a birthday party!

You can take a box or a cloth bag. A series of objects are placed inside. The child, touching objects, must say or write everything he can recognize.

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