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How to Get Star Seeds in Bless Unleashed

Posted By rsvsr starseed     September 1, 2021    

Star Seeds are one of the most demanding currencies in Bless Unleashed This one is especially useful in that it can be used to instantly revive your character in a near-death situation, travel faster around the world, and buy items from the Marketplace.

Ways to Get Star Seeds

Tips and methods such as “buy low, sell high”, checking your daily bonuses, and so on are old hat. These are tips that almost all Bless Unleashed players know. To freshen up the air, we’ll be giving you some new ways to get Star Seeds instead of just chucking in the usual set of “how to farm this and that” solutions that you’ve heard lots of times.

Acquire Materials That Are Always Sought After

Not all materials are worth getting. While farming whatever material you can find is fine, farming the ones that are always sought-after is a much better way to get as much Star Seeds as possible. Items such as soul fragments, herbs, trees, and ore bring a lot of Star Seeds to the table if you trade them to the right person. Bless Unleashed’s marketplace is always full of people that are either looking to get rid of some stuff or need a certain amount of items for their weapon upgrades and the like. Having these materials always available on-hand will prove to be useful.

Carzacor Treasure Map Hunt

During these arduous Cheap Star Seeds grinding runs, you must have acquired several Carcazor treasure map fragments.

If you don’t wish to sell them then you can indeed go on these treasure hunts for gear, as well as, a chance to obtain a rare horse mount called ‘the White War Horse’ that, in itself, will fetch incredible amounts of Starseeds.

Moving forward, you can also purchase the fragments from the marketplace but be aware of the prices! Some people list these fragments up to 100 Starseeds per fragment, you should follow this example as well but, when buying them make sure the price is under the 100 Starseed mark.

A single treasure map is made up of 8 Carcazor treasure map fragments. To combine these fragments you must talk to the cartographer NPC in any major city. They are usually standing idle near the marketplace NPC and will combine your fragments into a map automatically.

Remember to read the map manually before venturing out as it will mark the location of the Carcazor treasure on your map!

Upon arrival to the marked location, you must make haste because once another player happens on the chest, the loot will be lost to you and you will have to wait for the chest to respawn.

Keep in mind that you can have only 1 map on your person. Once you have found the treasure, you need to go back to the cartographer to create another one. Therefore it is useful to have a lot of fragments on you for a longer ‘treasure hunt’ grind.

What you need to look out for when following these maps, aside from the gear are Memory Gems. Memory Gems have tiers; the higher the tier, the more expensive it will be.

However, what matters most is that they are in high demand therefore, it is a guarantee that they will always sell when you list the item in your shop.

In finality, always be up to date with the marketplace, you can sell almost anything there; from gear, mounts, ore(s) to herbs.

Completing dailies helps as well but remember to stay vigilant and patient in your journey when culminating your wealth.

By the way, if players still feel that these methods are not suitable for them and want to get the most Star Seeds as fast as possible, they can Buy Star Seeds through , which is reliable and effective way.

How to Get Star Seeds in Bless Unleashed

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