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The two top-ranked Expansion of The Elder Scrolls Online

Posted By yyy jjj     September 1, 2021    
The Elder Scrolls Online has already released a lot of expansion packs, many expansion packs are well received, but there are also some expansion players who don't seem to like it. Some extensions add new areas and mission lines or even new professions in the game, which make players feel interesting and want to Buy ESO Gold in the game. Here are two top-ranked extensions in Elder Scrolls Online.

Greymoor. Considering the number of times Skyrim has been re-released, many players may feel that they have no reason to want to explore the area again. This may be part of the reason why the Greymoor extension of The Elder Scrolls Online is often skipped by many players. It took place in Western Skyrim, encompassing familiar areas such as the city of Solitude, and even a story that is relatively familiar to the story in the Skyrim's Dawnguard expansion: the player must fight against a powerful Vampire Lord who wants to enslave the entire Tamriel. It is necessary for us to prepare for ESO Gold to enhance its strength.

Although Greymoor has introduced the antiquities system, and the new trials and world events introduced by Greymoor are of little benefit to solo or PVE players, it is for those who desire to revisit Blackreach. In addition, the release of Elder Scrolls Online did not add a new player class, so in terms of content worthy of expansion, Greymoor is relatively low, but in any case, it is not wrong for players to prepare a certain amount of ESO Gold.

Blackwood. Blackwood is another extension that echoes the previous Elder Scrolls game (Oblivion in this case), allowing players to explore the Blackwood area while fighting against Daedric Prince Mehrunes Dagon. This part also includes Oblivion's city Leyawiin. This is also the latest new chapter of the game, containing a lot of story content and new multiplayer content, usually the case of the main Elder Scrolls Online online expansion.

Blackwood also introduced companions to the Elder Scrolls online. These companions are NPC characters that players can fight side by side, as seen in the Elder Scrolls games such as Skyrim. At the same time, players can buy ESO Gold to enhance their strength and easily win in battle. Although this may not be an important feature in the eyes of many players, ESO did not include recruitable NPCs in the first few years after its release, but it still paves the way for adding more game mechanics in the future.
The two top-ranked Expansion of The Elder Scrolls Online

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