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What type of e-commerce can I start with?

Posted By Morgan Jack     August 25, 2021    

E-commerce has been very popular in recent years, and even more in times of social distancing when companies see the importance of being present in channels of online sales.

To start an online business, you must first make a decision about what product or service to offer. In addition, it is advisable to build a value proposition.

Let's review some of the most successful business models on the internet:

  1. The traffic industry

It consists of directing traffic from your website or blog to other portals that sell a product or service. Ads are created with special links that contain a personalized code that is registered through cookies in the linked portal and if any visitor to your website or blog clicks on it, they will automatically go to the seller's website, and will be registered as your "client", So if any of these visitors that you sent make a purchase, you get a commission and now you must be thinking how many days I have to wait for the commission it depends on the product T&C, but normally commission is given as customer gets the product. 

  1. Online sale of ebooks and courses

It may not be the most innovative business model, but its profitability speaks for itself. This type of sales is easily duplicable since once the product is made, it can be sold or used by thousands of users, even entering affiliate networks.

  1. Sale of clothing or accessories online

There are many pages for the sale of clothing and accessories on the internet and on social networks. This item is very popular for young entrepreneurs who take advantage of new technologies to display and sell fashion products without the need to invest in store rental expenses and personnel contracts.

  1. Sale of Advertising

To market a site or blog offering advertising spaces we must be very clear about what type of audience we handle since this can be directly associated with the sales model. 

We can sell advertising to companies that target a specific audience, prioritizing the quality of the readers more than the quantity or we can target clients that target a massive audience and in this case, the income will be associated with the amount of traffic we can generate. 

  1. Collaborative consumption

Consuming collaboratively means sharing a car, exchanging a house, using social currencies, co-financing projects, exchanging knowledge and so many other things. All of this can be done on a global scale thanks to the Internet. 

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What type of e-commerce can I start with?
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