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It's all in how well you're at grinding.

Posted By Wei weismart     August 20, 2021    

I mean, at first sure. It's the same easy to aion classic kinah use as the previous P2W version, but instead of buying kinah for a long time from goldfarmers now you can purchase it from NCSOFT. Therefore, if you spend 15 and another person pays 500, yes they are going to be able to get full leveling of their coin and 15 with the most powerful manastones, etc. You can still win, but everyone will be playing PvP gear. It all depends on which class you are and how good you are at playing. This is particularly true if you're playing with skilled players.

There ARE p2w players but many of the whales in Aion are incredibly bad at knowing how to spend tbh that's why they pay a lot and dont really gain anything worthwhile. Aion is quite unique in that it's impossible to automatically win by spending a lot. Make smart choices when spending money.

Do not agree. You have to be able grind if you want to compete against seasoned players. However, if you simply want to feel the thrill of growing and having fun with other skilled players, then the current player pve in NA classic is very good.

I have played since the original Aion and would love to meet new players. I love the rifting system in this game, and I enjoy playing pvp better than warmode Warcraft. Yes, this game is very grindy however, it's drastically improved from the day the game was came out. It's not a reason to be scared. A great deal of fun pvp happens before you hit 50! I'm slow at leveling and, although there is competition for the top equipment and techniques is vital however, I like the experience. Consider it for an entire month! I believe that $15 per month is worth it. There are other ways in which to spend money on game, but they aren't "if you don't like this avoid playing'.

It's all in how well you're at grinding. I assume you would be fine playing WoW Classic. I was a fan of Aion when I played in 2009 therefore, when they released classic I was all for it. Take it in the light of less being an in-game game you're paying for and more like an mmo with which you're doing regular monthly subscriptions with. Don't get the extra daeva pass.

Siel is extremely populated. I've heard leveling is difficult due to having to gank. I'm playing on another server and it's quite easy to buy aion classic kinah eu be able to level. If you're interested in any further information don't hesitate to PM me.
It's all in how well you're at grinding.

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