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The walls of Burthorpe would house

Posted By Wei weismart     August 15, 2021    

Personally I am prone to avoid people but try to see things from their perspective. They believe they are brilliant and smart, but that is a sign they are dumb. I am annoyed when RS gold they do stupid things and want to punch them. Many people don't know that it is an EFFIN GAME. I'm laughing every time I get an A on algebra 2 but they give me a D for the remidial math. They have 110 combat.

Disclaimer: I don't actually participate in these stupid glitches. I am a wealthy person with assets of over 150 million and don't require something silly to get the hammer in my face. People who accuse me of cheating or such need to be put to death. THIS IS NOT THE 25K TRICK z0mg!

Pew pew - I've not posted in over a year, as I'm very unactive with runningescape. I will inform people about the glitch with pvp. Contrary to the topic's host who alerted users to the bannings, this actually is the situation.

It's fixed, so stop with me. A few friends discovered the glitch first, and the glitch was discovered by more people.

People died from the potential and lost "300k" each death. They also made money. Jagex was able to find out (Yes they're slow in identifying bugs). The banhammer* appeared just after easter. The students had until Tuesday to inform their acquaintances that they would likely be expelled.

The clans were quickly uncovered as a source of abuse. (The smart ones used newb* accounts to play games). A riot erupted and led to X__icy__x. They decided to take rares with them, so yes if you have a rare, you might be tempted to sell it right in the near future :)

People are producing pictures and youtube videos of people trying and succeeding with this glitch. Jagex will not ban anyone who has abused the system however they will grant users the benefit. Evidence of the getting rid of rares. Good for me because I own four Santa hats which I bought at a price of 10 million dollars last month through chance.

I haven't played Runescape for a long, long time. Myself hosted a drop party when I was away. I'm back now and want to get back into the game. I'm broke and have nothing to help me get started.

I was interested in ways to earn money. But, it was all exactly the same... drags, bowstrings, and so on. I was looking for a more conventional way of making money. I had an ingenious idea. Purchase 28 hides that have been tanned. This will set you back about buy OSRS gold 50k. Now you can make these into hide bodies. This process can take several minutes.
The walls of Burthorpe would house
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