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Be aware of what players are performing

Posted By Wei weismart     August 3, 2021    

Be aware of what players are performing on aion classic kinah the LFG. If you're not sure what something is, ask the leader. Sometimes it's an exp grind group!

One last note The benefits of group grinds are to help you manage your time.

Grinding spots (asmo) from around lvl 30, that'll give you an idea of what exp grinds

You can also make crafts when you are bored or simply to enjoy yourself. I'd create my work schedule before leaving to do other things for a few minutes and come back to complete the work. I was able to earn multiple levels because I was crafting. It was a great way to fill gaps in my XP gaps.

If you're unsure of how to weave auto attacks, it will boost your dps. It's basically cancelling the auto attack animation by using a skill. Then, wait until the auto attack is about to take place and then cancel using your technique. It is possible to do this in such a manner that you won't even notice the auto attack but the damage will still be there. It can be done on chain skills . You could do it between each skill's duration on chanter.

Crit manastones are an excellent way to go. It's going to be difficult to get the kinah at this point but you are able to begin placing them in the top equipment you'll keep for some time. Crit is a chanter's top DPS stat . When you have it you can knock down at the target, you just keep on crit until you're at 440, which might not happen until much later.

Problem issue: The NC Launcher starts it, but then the NC logo is displayed on a black screen. The blackscreen will appear and stay indefinitely. The blackscreen appears after the game is launched normally.

Additional Problems: When this occurs, the computer will be almost completely locked. Even though the alt-tab option shows the windows, the blackscreen is able to override them and makes it impossible to access other programs. The same is true for Task Manager when I attempt to open it. To disable the softlock, I'm required to use the windows key for the log off (which shuts down all active programs). Logging in again takes me back to where I started.

Additional glitches: I've observed the game intermittently go through the blackscreen and get to the Aion splash. It's fine after that buy aion classic kinah eu but then goes to the login screen. This isn't a viable alternative.
Be aware of what players are performing

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