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Utilize your skills as a thief to locate them.

Posted By Wei weismart     July 16, 2021    

It's either that you have to RS gold battle two Adamant Dragons or the fact their designs are flawed, and they're only level186 at the moment. They look like Mithril Dragons but are more sluggish. When they are dead they will drop an eldagrim Teletab. Teleporting is your only option to escape right now, so do it before Wyvoch climbs the stairs to your position. Write a report on the fate of Commander Veldaban However...

I'd like to believe that, I could believe that about Hreidmar however, it's not the first time.... Let's look, when I got drunk it was evident that they had put me in a trap. I have no idea the circumstances. This will not help you in any way. Idria won't be taken seriously, but she will tell you that she has details about Lucien. Lucien was in contact with "Lord Salarin", a Chaos Druid. Your next stop is Salarin the Twisted in Yanille Dungeon. You'll find a cutscene inside his room where one of the Chaos Druids tells Salarin to take Lucien's potion soon.

Salarin will open a portal in the back of the room. Beware: this portal will lead to a different section of the Abyss. Your prayer will be drained at entry. Then, you will be skulled. You'll need to go through the portal. You'll find yourself trapped in a maze, and must to reach the center. Teleporting isn't permitted. It is necessary to locate a way to exit should you need to. The obstacles to your skills are located in the Abyss. Some walls have lips that, when tickled by wind, release fire that can inflict severe trauma to anyone watching them.

This will be useful against the Abyssal creatures, since your combat statistics will decrease while you are in the maze. When you reach the center, and you'll find Salarin taking some items. He is using the center as a type of bank. He is known as Salarin The Twisted. The maze is transformed as he teleports out. There are Chaos Druids sipping something if you return to the portal. Is this a potion or something else? Is it a potion?

Brothers, look! Cream of Escargot is my most loved flavor. There's your solution. Lucien will appear and ask if they've got the potion. Salarin will say that they only had a short notice. Lucien will get mad and slash some Druids. While Lucien is gone and you are hiding behind the wall. You will be wearing Zamorak clothes when Lucien has gone. You'll find them at the Chaos Druids graves before they passed away. Talk to Salarin. Ask Salarin if you can help with the preparation of the potion.

Salarin: Lucien came here a week ago, and told us that he felt dizzy. He had just been defeated by eight men who at random attacked him and killed six of them. He claimed that he'd never felt as satisfied since he instilled some of the energy from the Staff of cheap RuneScape gold Armadyl into himself to cure the Curse of...
 Utilize your skills as a thief to locate them.
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