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Rsgoldfast - Enter the crater and then extract the glittering rock

Posted By MMOruki MMOruki     July 6, 2021    
How to get: You will need the Solar Ore and RuneScape gold the Solar Bar. The Solar Ore can be obtained on the west side of Solar Isle, where you have access to the mining site. Enter the crater and then extract the glittering rock. You will be awarded one Solar Ore. Bring a hammer also. To make an Solar Bar, combine the furnace with solar ore. Use the Solar Bar on the anvil and then click Smith Solar Staff. Once you've received the Solar Staff, you will have to utilize it. You'll need at least 70 Magic and 80 Attack to be able to use the Solar Staff.

How To Obtain How To Get It: Go back to mine 6 solar Ores. Then, return to your furnace and melt 6 Solar Bars. Utilize them using the anvil, and make the following items one solar Hood, 1 Pair of Solar Gauntlets, 1 Pair of Solar Boots, 1 Solar Robe Top. You can equip them with 70 Magic and 80 Defense to wear.

The Enchanted Ancient Tinderbox. How to obtain: Get your regular tinderbox and go up the steps in Cheiftan’s hut. Place it in the Fountain of Ancients, and you'll get an Ancient Tinderbox. After that, select the Operate option on the Solar Staff to enchant the item. You will be given an Enchanted Ancient Tinderbox. You can pick up the bowl from the table of the Cheif, and bring it with you. To build the Ancient Tinderbox, you must have the level 70 Firemaking

To find the hole go all until the southernmost part of the Island Through the docks on the opposite side, and onto the small island. Now, let the Ceremony begin! (Player Name), how about we begin? Ubei, Lavak Simat, Simat Carnem, Salverous Amarka Solarius! One Solar Guardian kneels down, and drops the nightmare logs into the hole. A second Solar Guardian kneels down, and then lights the nightmare logs with the Enchanted Ancient Tinderbox. You must stop right there Savarain Solar!

Right-click on the orb to choose Call Lunar Force (Player Name)! We were fooled by your ruse but I was able to see your actions all the time! Lunar Force Appears and Savarain snaps his fingers, ordering the guards to strike. They have 75s hit on all the Lunar Force members, and they are smashed to pieces. Prepare for buy rs3 gold the battle of your life!
Rsgoldfast - Enter the crater and then extract the glittering rock

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