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The medicine he gives them is made from specific

Posted By Wei weismart     June 24, 2021    

You likely want an example of some pretty succesful suggestions, some could never really happen but the idea that has gone into the proposal as well as the RS gold things, elaboration, improvements from opinions make it more likely to be considered by Jagex than say a one-line suggestion just telling us everything you want.

Below are some amazing suggestions for you to learn from in my opinion: Horses In Runescape - Heb0. The great thing about suggestions is that if you get all the primary information within the topic, it does not need to be a thousand word essay, easy is sometim.

Start by speaking to this rebel elf pioneer (why do they all have difficult to pronounce names?) Ariannwyn. He will say he is preparing a mission for you, but until then, he needs you to do a favor for Llyeta's physician. Head over to this recently added hospital at Llyeta and speak to the physician. He will mention the vials which Mourners throw . It ends up they test that stuff innocent people they catch.

The medicine he gives them is made from specific herbs in a garden in the forest. Lately, among Lord Iorworth's men declared he was taking the garden. Your mission (for this section of component 3) is to beat him up, harvest the herbs, replant the garden someplace, and burn the region down so Iorworth's group of"investigators" can't use the herbs to make new potions. You are given 2 pouches and a set of directions. Follow them to get into the backyard. Defeat the elf warrior to get a rake and spade.

Harvest the herbs and Eluned will seem to aid you. Give her the pouch together with the herbs, along with a she will take some pots and replant the herbs. Harvest all remaining herbs and then light a fire in the center utilizing the dried branches. Twist the water spell and it'll die. Go with Eluned.

Back in Lleyta, the physician will thank you and let you talk with Ariannwyn. Make sure you open up your next pouch to receive 12 random herbs, such as possibly torstol. Ariannwyn will tell you that your actual mission is ready, and will muster two archers and Eluned, who's to brief you. You and Eluned will go ahead to a new part of the forest, also Eluned will tell you about that which cheap RuneScape gold King Tyras was similar to before you, well, yeah. She will mention that among his guys was spying on Lord Iorworth to find out his aims, but has gone lost.
 The medicine he gives them is made from specific
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