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Considering Electronic Arts has made

Posted By Wei weismart     June 18, 2021    

Madden NFL was a regular face on Nintendo platforms, but we have never seen it for Madden 22 coins almost a decade following Madden NFL 13 on Wii U. EA is still bringing us yearly updates for FIFA (even if they're"legacy variants"), EA formerly said they did not plan to launch it on Change in 2018, but a current job record indicated Madden might finally be arriving.

This discovery comes from YouTuber Doctre81, that discovered a listing titled"Online Software Engineer - (C++) - Madden", dating back to November 2020. Which may not seem like much, but previous EA job listings haven't included Nintendo in their criteria.

At minimum, EA could be investigating a potential release. It is worth keeping in mind that back in June 2020, EA verified it would release seven Shift matches in that 12-month period. June 2021 is only a couple of months away, and we've had six games supported since then, for example Apex Legends before this week.

That leaves one more to go, but given Madden's yearly release program, EA could be waiting before the inevitable Madden NFL 22 -- as opposed to a Madden NFL 21 port -- considering they traditionally launch in August. In any event, let's just hope it isn't another legacy edition, eh?

Madden NFL 21 Makes Its Super Bowl LV Prediction

This weekend will play host to Super Bowl 55, the culmination of one of the most tumultuous seasons in the NFL ever playedwith. This year's competing teams have been decided. As is now an annual convention, Digital Arts is celebrating the Super Bowl with a Madden NFL simulation. This year's Madden NFL 21 simulation game appears to predict a excellent game.

The winner of this year's Madden NFL 21 Super Bowl simulator is the Kansas City Chiefs, who defeated the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Tom Brady by a score of 37-27. Unfortunately, EA did not offer much concerning a statistical breakdown or play by play for this season's simulation. What it did share is the Buccaneers have an early 13-7 lead, but that the Kansas City Chiefs go up 14-13 by half-time. The second half clearly sees both teams' offense then take off.

With six minutes left in the fourth quarter, Madden NFL 21 sees the match tied at 27. It's here where the Super Bowl summary from EA doesn't quite offer an entire story for what happens. There's a red zone jog by Mahomes that provides a touchdown for the cheap Madden nfl 22 coins Chiefs, at the minimum. Where the Chiefs' field target comes into play along with the defensive stops which retain the Buccanneers from scoring again are left to lovers' imaginations.
Considering Electronic Arts has made

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