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Rsgoldfast - WotL will hit harder than Legante's Might

Posted By MMOruki MMOruki     June 16, 2021    

Wave of the Letum: WotL will hit harder than Legante's Might, and OSRS gold can not be protected with the mage prayer. He will strike you with this charm double, more than likely, you are DEAD. The telegrabbed team can't be used, and if you do not do away with it, DL will only telegrab it back. So you need to alch it. Low alchemy won't be able to alch the staff, so high alchemy is demanded. This process should be carried out immediatly because he respawns. Not paying attention could lead to the death of your staff.

Paralyzation: Fairly straight forward, DL will send a wave of electric magic to youpersonally, and random members of your team. You are still able to eat food + drink potions while frozen, and DL will still strike you.

Earthquake: DL will send an electric shock wave throughout the floor of this tunnel. He'll do things like postage his feet, creating mini sonic waves. To avoid this, you should run to any corner and find a rubber rod. Click"jump upward Pole" and your character will jump on top of this pole. If you can't move up there quickly enough, you will get shocked and strike for 40. You can not do anything during this period of time (20 minutes ).

DL will drop battlestaffs, and mysterious armor. Also stacks of various runes. He'll also drop a NEW SPELLBOOK (only able to utilize if you have the drop. If on a group, every members in the LS gets one), along with his staff, which can autocast any of those charms on it (except teles and skillbased). He'll also shed his fabled"crude Law staff".

Father Signore will just appear when all four of his children are dead. Each child won't respawn (once dead) until their father is dead. (Note: a single kid will spawn when Signore reaches 3/4 health, and it's not attackable. In this way the five of them will never pass on.) Father will spawn, 10 seconds after that last kid dies, randomlly in one of their children's rooms, which means that you have 10 seconds to depart if your the last one with something to kill, you better get out of the fast. Father is extremely difficult to cheap RuneScape gold kill independently.

Rsgoldfast - WotL will hit harder than Legante's Might

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