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Find a Home for Your Truth at Nitrotext

Posted By Big Bullshit Biden     June 7, 2021    

The freedom of speech was born when the first amendment was put into place—all of us were given the right to express any opinion without restraint or censorship. Just imagine a world where we could say whatever we want to without having to second guess—awesome, right?

But while we’re free to say anything we want, we aren’t allowed to express any opinion that insults, threatens, or offends groups based on disability, national orientation, religion, color, and race (hate speech). So, if we’re given limitations, does freedom of speech still apply online?

There’s no doubt that social media has become a one-stop-shop for many; a tool to grow business, a journal, celebrity gossip, keeping up with current events, and of course, a sanctuary where one can use the first amendment to safeguard themselves from the consequences of their words.

Websites like Twitter and Facebook have tried to regulate anything that’s posted on their platform. This means more censorship. Nitrotext looks to avoid exactly just that by allowing you to discuss sensitive topics with like-minded individuals.

Here’s how you’ll find a home for your truth at Nitrotext.

No freedom of expression means restrained reporting

Danger or truth? In places that don’t respect freedom of expression, the media has two choices: put yourself at risk or self-censor.

When it’s difficult for media to precisely tell the whole story, it’s impossible to accomplish high-quality, balanced journalism. In fact, some countries pressurize media to only report on those things that align with the ideological or political framework: sadly, journalists are compelled to self-censor.

While some choose to report on ‘safer’ topics, others don’t report the full story.

However, some brave journalists carry on with reporting on topics irrespective of censorship, possible violence, prison sentences, legal cases, and fines.

Nitrotext believes that respect for freedom is an important element for an accurate, functioning media, and via its application, it allows that.

Discovery of truth

If one wants to report accurately on the issues, query inconsistencies, follow intriguing stories, and ask difficult questions, quality journalism is important. By dedicating skill, energy, and time to finding out what’s happening in the world, a free individual can bring vital information out to the general public.

In fact, public debate wouldn’t be anything without accurate information: creating shared values and changing policies at international, national, and local levels. If there’s one public-facing way of sharing new information, it’s investigative journalism.

By granting freedom of expression through its social media app, Nitrotext allows individuals to freely research and report in the public interest.

Ability to hold powerful interests to account

Is there a better disinfectant than sunlight? We doubt.

With independent reporting, an individual will be able to shine a light on hidden topics, offering critical checks and balances on power institutions and people. Yes, the precise press isn’t always flattering, but holding the wealthy and powerful accountable is important.

With public attention comes scrutiny—it’s a disincentive for human rights abuses and corruption. Realistically, quality investigative journalism can improve human rights standards globally, change international policies, and can even topple governments.

Nitrotext believes that an independent, strong media helps mitigate maladministration and ensures transparency. By giving freedom of expression, Nitrotext safeguards the rights of news outlets, bloggers, and reporters—and the general public—to speak critically.

Free press helps inform the public

If there’s no free exchange of information on radio, TV, online, or in print, people wouldn’t be able to understand what’s happening around them. This means meaningfully participating in their democracies or communities wouldn’t be possible.

Both national and local news outlets, bloggers, and reporters can keep people informed regarding what’s happening in the world. With freedom of expression, people are allowed to access information about public interest matters and current events—whether it’s from local newspapers, large media companies, or from each other via social media and citizen journalism.

Nitrotext understands that if people recognize and respect freedom of expression, they’ll be able to freely report on societal events, economics, and politics as they occur.

Freedom of expression covers a plethora of rights

Freedom of expression forms Article 19 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. It covers freedom of the press, freedom of speech and allows communities and individuals the right to articulate their opinions without fear of punishment, censorship, or retaliation. Quite frankly, there won’t be any worth of the right to freedom of expression if authorities are allowed to imprison anyone who doesn’t agree with them. An effective media is also founded on the legal basis that freedom of expression offers the right to report and function freely, sometimes in a critical manner, without fear of punishment or threat.

However, freedom of expression isn’t an absolute right: it doesn’t safeguard incitement to violence or hate speech. With that being said, there are a plethora of other rights that are intrinsic to our day-to-day lives intersecting and building on this protection for individual expression and free thought. From in-home conversations to political campaigns to satire, freedom of expression covers everything. It’s a fundamental human right, allowing citizens to speak without interference.

Minority issues are heard

By definition, mainstream discussions don’t talk about minority voices. However, freedom of expression guarantees groups and individuals the right to tell their own stories without fear of attacks or censorship. With better representation, understanding can improve, and the door to create a more connected society and better discourse is opened.

Nitrotext’s social media app helps you establish meaningful connections with people who value free speech

Nitrotext is one of the leading social media apps in the world, having a razor-sharp focus on helping people leverage the power of social media apps and exercise free speech for good. Use our free speech social media app to speak your truth without ever worrying about censorship.

Sign up now or call us for more information!

Find a Home for Your Truth at Nitrotext

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