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Why You Should Leave Mainstream Social Media Apps

Posted By Big Bullshit Biden     June 6, 2021    

Whether you’ve already seen Netflix’s ‘The social Dilemma’ or are planning to see it soon, the dystopian-horror documentary-drama hybrid is based on social media’s dangerous impact on humans. With renowned tech specialists sounding the alarm on their own quintessential creations, the thought-provoking documentary ends with an interesting yet tough challenge: the makers ask the audience to join a movement that involves deleting their social media accounts.

But why would the very inventors of various social media sites do such a thing? Let’s read on to find out why experts deem social media apps an existential threat to humanity.

The world has always documented the positive applications of various social media platforms, from their role in serving an instrumental role in empowering many protestors who spoke out against injustice and oppression while fighting for civil rights and equity.

Amid a devastating global pandemic, these apps have quickly become our lifeline as they help us stay in touch with workplaces as well as loved ones. We can follow our favorite influencers and celebrities, discover new hobbies, jobs, or recipes, and build genuine connections while networking.

But have you ever noticed that the system that we use to stay connected to the world also invisibly yet invariably controls us? Have you ever noticed how most organizations expect you to have a presence on most popular social media sites without understanding that it should ideally be a personal choice? While from a professional point of view, you may be expected to use social media, just using it to conform to some long-standing societal norms isn’t the right thing to do.

Here’s a roundup of real consequences that some of these seemingly innocent social media technologies can potentially have on our everyday lives.

#1 Superficial Relationships Rather Than Focusing On Real Ones

Studies have revealed that while a person’s Facebook friend count or Instagram follower count might exceed hundreds, most of them might not actually have dependable personal relationships in real life.

The picture-perfect moments shared by people on social media may not reflect real-life struggles, which leads to a feeling that our lives may be dull compared to theirs, which results in increased depressive moods and anxiety.

Leaving mainstream social media apps to focus on developing long-lasting, genuine friendships with a few individuals sounds like the perfect way to live a fulfilling life in reality.

#2 Damaged Reputation

It's quite normal in the contemporary world for brands to check mainstream social media handles of potential employees before making the hiring decision.

People who feel compelled to share 'wild' party moments or brash opinions freely should probably quit mainstream social media as what goes on the internet typically stays on the internet forever (even after you delete it!)

#3 Spreads Negativity

While some people may use mainstream social media to vent out their frustrations, stresses and share their tragedies, thoughts, and feelings, it can most certainly not spread positivity in readers' lives.

Interacting with such posts regularly may depress even the happiest people making them absorb negativity.

Quitting mainstream social media enables you to save time and helps refocus on your feelings and energy optimistically and productively.

#4 No Valuable Lessons Learnt

Ask yourself; given the amount of time you spend each day scrolling on different platforms, have you learned something valuable?

Here, we certainly don't mean learning about your friend’s latest holiday destination or that your baby cousin successfully ate carrots, but new skills and information that enlightens you, guides you, or assists with personal development and growth.

Instead of constantly refreshing the feed to hunt for some gripping human drama, call it quits and relocate the precious time to teaching yourself some valuable skill.

#5 Lack Of Privacy

Mainstream social media apps revolve around users, but sometimes it's easy to forget that such platforms are created with the fundamental aim of making money.

As soon you share or like anything, it becomes valuable information which can be sold to advertiser, brands, or other third-party companies. Data breach should be enough reason to leave mainstream social media apps.   

#6 The Unhealthy Addiction

Addictions, no matter what kind, are always unhealthy.

Excessive use of social media is certainly not excluded from this statement. If not used in moderation, social media can be harmful to our mental, emotional and physical health. Humans worldwide have already surpassed its usability to a point where rehabilitation centers have had to tailor treatment programs to help those struggling with social media addiction.

Experts have developed what they call the BFAS—Bergen Facebook Addiction Scale—to regulate the usage of social networking sites by determining the feelings and habits of mainstream social media users. Before this becomes an issue you've got to deal with, it's best to part ways with mainstream social media by transferring to a healthier Facebook alternative.

#7 Massive Waste Of Time

While we pursue social media regularly every few minutes, the total tallied time might shock you. Did you know that data reveals that an individual, on average, spends about 1.83 hours a day on such mainstream social media apps?

If you find yourself always complaining that you don't have enough time in a day, quitting mainstream social media is what you need! Spend the extra hours cooking yourself a nutritious meal, start exercising, or do whatever your heart desires—the possibilities are truly endless!

#8 Censorship

While every member should ideally have the right to excise freedom of speech while expressing their thoughts, their passions, and viewpoints regarding certain political or social taboos or raising their voice for sensitive yet crucial topics, such as Black Lives Matter and rights of other marginalized minorities or having different opinions about anything in general, most popular social media platforms not only control what their users see at any given time but they also silence those who speak up via censorship.

Censorship, in the least, takes away the fundamental purpose of staying part of mainstream social media apps, as when people cannot exercise free speech on an online social media marketing platform, it prevents the establishment of meaningful connections.

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Why You Should Leave Mainstream Social Media Apps

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