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Mining- Small chance to get two ores simultaneously

Posted By Wei weismart     May 30, 2021    

Things that may frighten you concerning this OSRS gold dungeon... that the upcoming things shall stick to this phrase: I will not Find (Insert Rule) within my dungeon. Single Combat(It is a multi combat dungeon so recall you have been warned...) Safe Spots (This is inteded for just those who are courageous enough to risk there stuff) Teleporting (Once more for those who are courageous enough to risk it ) Prayer (This is completly cut off from the Celtics, if you attempt praying it won't work)The Amulet has a magical attack bonus of 12+. The magical defence is 12+. If sporting full monk robes, and then click"operate" on the amulet, a message from you are chat box will appear stating:"Of which God's symbol would you like to display on you're robe? Saradomin, Guthix, Zamarok, or Bandos*."

The God you pick will be their emblem that appears on your robes. With that, they each give some sort of combat bonus. If you pick the Saradomin symbol, you're prayer will drain slower. In the event you decide on Guthix, your Wind Blast, Water Resistant, and Earth Blast will be given extra damage bonuses to them. If you choose Zamarock, you're Attack is going to receive additional damage bonuses and your Fire Blast will also be given extra damage bonuses. And finally, if you choose Bandos, you're defence is going to be raised by 30%! Not only that, but your tide spells will be given additional damage bonuses.

Well, I hope you like these ideas, and if you do, I'd appreciate you posting that you do. Or, when you've got some critisism to assist, it is ALSO appreciated. And a thanks to you in the event that you've read ALL of the.

I've looked through Sal's Suggestions Forum along with also the official RuneScape Suggestions Forum, also haven't seen this indicated. Even though it hasn't been formally suggested, I'm sure it has been lingering in the minds of players. Clan Wars. Pretty cool.

However, what is the purpose of it? You simply fight another clan and if you win you're declared victor. That's not that great. So what, you get some xp then you simply get a screen stating you are the victor, who cares? How can we make this game more... entertaining? Why don't we add a Staking feature?! It would work similar to the Duel Arena.

The player that is challenging the other clan may set the rules, but all of the clan members participating will have the ability to see the duel options display and can add money. There of course would be a limitation to this. It would be about 100k, to keep a steady market. Then when you fight you've got something to fight over! Ideas? Wise old guy suggested that to bet there has to buy RS gold be at least 5 players on each clan. I love it.
Mining- Small chance to get two ores simultaneously
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