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Nitrotext Freedom of Speech Social Media Apps

Posted By Randy Mancini     May 14, 2021    

You’re probably well-aware of how multiple social media apps are now an indispensable part of everyone's lives. If you think of the last time you used your smartphone or any device, it would probably be to navigate on some mainstream social media platform.


Studies reveal a staggering number that constantly keeps increasing as to the number of people who use social media platforms. Whether you're an organization or an individual, or a business looking to remain relevant, chances are you'll need to devise and adapt to using a strategic social media strategy that helps gain an edge over the competition.


But how to decide what social media platform works best for you or your business? To answer that, we need first to understand a few basics that make social media apps successful and valuable. Here are a few basic features that people look for in social media apps.

 #1 Ease Of Connectivity

Any productive social media platform should build and maintain upon the convenience of connectivity. It needs to have seamless navigation, a stress-free sign-up process, and easy login access. Since the primary purpose of social media platforms is to enable connectivity and socialization among users, the app should ideally follow suit to attract a loyal fanbase.

#2 Security And Privacy

Since social media revolves around easy interaction and accessibility, the platform must be deemed a safe online community where security lines can't be crossed at any cost. The recent past has been quite evident in alarming users about how their personal information can be compromised and be made available to those that might have evil ulterior motives. Mitigating the chances of any security breach is essential to gain users' trust.  


Image Filename: illustration-Eye-Ear-Nose-Device

Image Alt Text: Illustration signifying that social media hear and see everything


#3 Newsfeed, Notifications, And More

Any successful mainstream social media app should essentially compress the user's multiple activities into a single unified view. A news feed is a place that allows easy discovery of what other users are sharing and is a powerful tool for retention. Therefore, generating a constant flow of relevant and trendy content, may it be videos, photos, or articles, is crucial to enhance interaction among users. Users should be able to post honest, uncensored content, such as reviews, opinions, feedback, suggestions, while liking or disliking the content.


#4 Right To Freedom Of Speech

Users should have the fundamental right to excise freedom of speech while expressing their thoughts, their passions, and viewpoints regarding certain political or social taboos or raising their voice for sensitive yet crucial topics or merely having different opinions about anything in general, most popular social media platforms not only control what their users see at any given time, but they also silence those who speak up via censorship.


If you're tired of social media platforms banning your content and are looking to switch to a social networking site that’s a viable Facebook alternative, check out the censorship-free and highly efficient social media platform, Nitrotext.


The cutting-edge platform is managed by a renowned online marketing company based in Lincoln, ME. It offers revolutionary online advertising platforms and social media marketing solutions to those looking to leverage the power of social media for good across the globe.


Reach out to them to learn more about their instant messaging application or social media management services online.


Nitrotext Freedom of Speech Social Media Apps

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