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Censorship and Social Media: Why It’s Pervasive

Posted By Big Bullshit Biden     May 6, 2021    

From the community standards of one of the most popular social media networking site, Facebook, involving banning photos of female nipples to prohibition on violent or shocking content by YouTube,  and rigging of particular algorithms to ensure a hashtag doesn’t trend, social media giants have a lot more power than most of the users actually realize.


Back in the day, a ground-breaking new thing, known as the World Wide Web, was introduced to right the many historical wrongs. It was perceived as a tool that would enable everyone to have a voice, a new utopia where humanity would be much more welcoming and civilized.


Fundamentally, the purpose of creating a virtual world included providing a platform to all on equal grounds without prejudice or privilege accorded by military force, race, station of birth, economic power, or more. The intent was to create a world where any individual anywhere can freely express his or her beliefs without the fear of being coerced into conformity or silence.  


In today's world, the rising dependence on blithe algorithms means that those who were meant to have a voice are ingeniously silenced or swallowed by a voice-driven from 'shadows' that some people deem ‘neutral’ data.


Such so-called regulations applied are repeated blatantly by algorithms that ultimately lead to automation of such status quo, which would've been great news if we lived in a perfect world, but in this one… it often means silencing and controlling the masses. Did you know when Microsoft initially releases a chatbot for Twitter, it learned that if a picture showed a person in the kitchen, it's probably a woman! Who knew machines were gender bias and racist too?!


In the past, social media sites have been accredited to allowing the rapid spread of all kinds of speech, whether protected or not. These messages, when spread worldwide, have the power to stir humanity into action. Data reveals that social media played a crucial role in the Occupy Wall Street, London riots, Arab Spring, and myriad other historical movements.


Twitter, for example, is a platform that is deemed pretty cool by many who believe it to be like a digital filing cabinet that preserves digital records and history. By all means, you can visit the social media app at any time to search for a hashtag, and you will end up finding numerous articles, photos, and opinions about the particular subject, but you might also notice a lot of tweets that were typed but seemingly disappeared.


This will not be the very first instance that Twitter would be caught removing, deleting, or hiding tweets. Considering that a vast majority of people source their news from such prominent platforms, such accusations have shed light on how these social media platforms get away with censorship so easily before our very eyes. Here’s all you need to know about censorship used by such platforms to mitigate our right to freedom of speech.

Censorship: A Brief Overview

Defined as the suppression of words, ideas, and images that certain people find offensive, censorship involves regulating the moral, political, social, and personal values from a particular group or individuals get placed on others in some way. Censorship is usually done on the basis of content being considered harmful, objectionable, sensitive, or merely inconvenient.


Some social platforms have often been accused of an anti-conservative bias, whereas others had to delete thousands of hate speech comments since its widespread use. While one may argue that guidelines protect users with perhaps restricting hate speech, violence, and nudity, most difficult-to-define rules and terms of use may be subject to different interpretations.


Censorship Restricts Promotional Opportunities

Restrictions or limitations placed on social media platforms significantly impact budding entrepreneurs and large corporations. This is because when such SMEs or medium-scaled businesses cannot reach audiences at low costs, many companies lose the opportunity to reach out to their audiences with eye-catching social media marketing that proves to be beneficial in the long run.


Censorship Turns People Into Commodities

The censorship process cedes control of standards, morality, and ethics of social media platforms or whomsoever is in charge of implementing the bizarre censorship policies. By adhering to the multiple rules, terms and conditions of these mainstream social media apps, we often agree to allow another company or individual to dictate how to think, act, and feel. Censorship makes it much easier for them to take control over our lives and decisions. Ever noticed how there are restrictions on how certain body parts of women are considered censorship worthy, but the green celery juice is Instagram-worthy because it leads to a shift in consumption of commodities?


Censorship Violates Freedom Of Speech

More often than not, censorship restricts the flow of valuable information that could’ve empowered local communities and leads to ignorance. Besides limiting access to information, censorship also limits freedom of speech, which is a fundamental human right. When freedom of expression is restricted, people are afraid to speak their thoughts, innovative ideas and hesitate to speak up against evil practices that prevail in our society.


While every member should ideally have the right to excise freedom of speech while expressing their thoughts, their passions, and viewpoints regarding certain political or social taboos or raising their voice for sensitive yet crucial topics, such as Black Lives Matter and rights of other marginalized minorities or having different opinions about anything in general, most popular social media platforms not only control what their users see at any given time but they also silence those who speak up via censorship.


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Censorship and Social Media: Why It\u2019s Pervasive

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