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How to Maintain a Healthy Balance With Social Media Apps

Posted By Big Bullshit Biden     May 6, 2021    

Social media apps have become an integral part of our lives; most people can probably not even imagine a life without scrolling through several socializing apps. It's the very thing we see as soon as we wake up and probably the very last one too when we go to bed.


So much so that we often don't even realize that a big chunk of our day is spent navigating through various social media apps, like a constant unconscious habit. Besides sharing posts and pictures with friends and family, social media also helps us discover new talents, get crucial information to stay up to date, and connect with people worldwide who might share similar interests.


While it’s true that the world we know today has accepted social media to be an effective tool that we can depend on, and as a primary way of staying connected round the clock, the non-stop interaction with these social media sites is also linked to mental health issues, such as depression, anxiety, and loneliness. It typically leads to a diminished sense of satisfaction as people tend to form opinions about others as well as themselves through social comparisons and influential feedback, which is available 24/7 round the year.


According to research, social media apps keep our minds on unhealthy alerts throughout the day, which can cause significant detrimental effects on our mental health. Several studies conducted over a decade conclude that social media ultimately does affect our mental health, but whether the impact is negative or positive primarily depends on how the social media platform is used.

Finding the right balance in this overly connected world while developing healthy habits for using social media apps is a constant struggle. Here's a roundup of ways to set boundaries and cut back on social media consumption to make sure it has a positive impact on your life.  

#1 Schedule Set Times

Keep track of your time spent navigating on multiple apps and find a way to tally the number of times you open each app during the day.


This will help increase self-awareness and boost productivity when you stay committed to using social media only during the time set aside for web surfing. Once you log out, turn off notifications to not end up replying, interacting, or commenting.


Bonus Tip: Experts recommend switching to an old-fashioned alarm clock rather than a smartphone's alarm to wake up in the morning to avoid spending loads of time on the phone first thing in the morning.

#2 Set A Viable Purpose (And Stick To It)

We all can relate to going online to check an upcoming event or a birthday and end up spending hours watching random videos. Consider setting priorities and be thoughtful about your reasons to log-in in the first place and ensure that you log out once you’ve accomplished the mission. Not only will this help stay focused on staying up-to-date with your favorite brands or influencers, but it will also mitigate the side effects of getting provoked by what others are posting.    

#3 Inspiration Not Comparison

Everyone tends to broadcast only their success stories and picture-perfect moments on social media, which sometimes makes others think their daily lives are pale compared to those living the ‘ideal’ life.


We often tend to forget that those Insta-worthy moments aren't representative of their whole life, and the person posting them might have their struggles that you might not be aware of.


Experts suggest that a healthier way to interact with such posts is to view them as inspiration rather than compare your life. It's also recommended to follow people who evoke a sense of positivity and happiness in you rather than ones who make you feel bad with consistently provoking posts.


Unfollow or unfriend any individual who makes you feel inferior or any accounts that may elicit annoyance, jealousy, comparison, or negative feelings.


#4 Turn Off All Notifications

Several cross-cultural studies have revealed that banner ads, badges, and push notifications coax our brains to open the social media app right away. Turning them off can help avoid making it an additional stressor that exacerbates depressive or anxiety symptoms.

#5 Find A Better Past-Time For Breaks

Follow up with your pending documentaries, learn a new skill or language, read a book, or find another hobby to fulfill in your past-time rather than scrolling through various apps on your smartphone while you eat simultaneously.


Even at other free times, indulge in things that boost your mental health, such as going for a walk, grabbing a cup of your favorite brew with a friend, or doing any activity that helps you destress rather than stay online, ending up feeling anxious.

#6 Think Twice Before Posting

Likewise, you should also consider thinking about what energy you’re sending out to the world. Only send a post or click on the share button if it spreads happiness or informs others about an important issue. Make your feed a place for encouragement, a space free of trolls, and uncanny online arguments that spread nothing but hate—at least on your page!


But isn’t social media a place where individuals and business owners tend to express themselves while getting as creative as they like?

While we do, by all means, encourage the use of social media to spread joy rather than hate, speaking up about particular taboos and raising your voice for sensitive yet crucial topics, such as Black Lives Matter and rights of other marginalized minorities or having different opinions about political parties is extremely important. Those who speak up are generally silenced via censorship, especially on some of the most popular social media platforms.


Whether you’re an individual who uses social media apps during leisure time or a business that uses it as an online social media marketing platform, if you’re looking to switch to a social networking site that’s a viable Facebook alternative, check out the censorship-free and highly efficient social media platform, Nitrotext.


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Reach out to us to learn more about our instant messaging application or avail of social media management services online while exercising free speech and leveraging the power of social media for good.



How to Maintain a Healthy Balance With Social Media Apps

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