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Benefits of a Height Adjustable Desk for Your Office

Posted By adjustable contuodesk     April 1, 2021    

Height Adjustable Desk are becoming more commonplace in offices. With the focus on employee health and efficiency, these desks are hidden gems. Get ready to bring amazing into your office and see how these desks can help increase employee productivity.

There are many fantastic features for these desks. However, we are going to focus on just a few of the major benefits of height adjustable desks.

Improved Efficiency

Because moving heavy equipment is unnecessary with an auto-adjustable table, you don’t waste valuable time on non-work tasks. Additionally, an auto-adjustable table provides you with the freedom to move around without restrictions, accomplishing tasks more efficiently.

Ergonomics and Better Posture

Sitting can put a lot of stress on your spine, especially if you are not practicing proper ergonomics. Proper ergonomics work hand-in-hand with reducing lower back and neck pain. By choosing to stand, your spine will elongate and become less strained allowing your back to be in a natural “S” shape. Standing will help promote better posture, while giving your spine some relief. That being said, when you stand at your desk, you need to know how to be ergonomic to reap the benefits of a standing desk. Knowing how to properly sit and stand, at your new standing desk, will be key to achieving better posture.

Reduces Back and Neck Pain

If you are someone who sits all day, I’m sure you’ve experienced some type of back and/or neck pain. Sitting all day can cause a lot of stress on your spine and may even lead to disc damage. When staring at a monitor for a long period of time, you start to exhibit bad posture by arching our backs. If your monitor isn’t at the correct ergonomic position, causing you to tilt your head down, you can get neck strain.

Preventing Chronic Disease, the Take-a-Stand Project, studied a group of individuals who tried sitting, standing, or walking over the course of one week, two weeks, and four weeks. Over the progression of time, the group claimed they had less lower back pain and shoulder tension, improved posture, and overall increased mood and comfort. If you are looking to reduce your neck or back pain, a standing desk could be the perfect solution.

Health Benefits

Sitting in a chair all day puts strain on your body. Physical inactivity and poor posture resulting from non-ergonomic furnishings can lead to a decrease in performance, as workers experience discomfort. By using an adjustable work surface, whether you sit or stand to do your job, means you will experience less back and neck pain and healthier blood flow. Feeling better physically will relieve some of the mental stresses of a job; concentrate on the job-at-hand instead of how uncomfortable you are!

Improved Energy Levels And Mood

It’s natural to feel sluggish and unmotivated if you’ve been sitting for hours.

Much like any physical activity, standing up will change your mood and energy level for a while and enable you to refocus on a troublesome project.

Again a treadmill desk will help you combine work with more intense physical activity.

Improved Productivity

All that extra positive energy translates to more productivity or more words for your next novel, short story, blog post, or white paper.

You name the genre, style, format, or publishing venue; you can do it when you are up on your feet, feeling good and energized.

When you mix sitting and standing time, you give yourself a chance to recover when sitting and stay energized while standing.

Contuodesk manufactures a variety of options for today's modern office taking into consideration different options balanced with price point. There’s never been a better time to consider a sit-stand desk for your office environment. If you interested in Height Adjustable Desk Manufacturer please visit:

Benefits of a Height Adjustable Desk for Your Office

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