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Tips to Prepare Your Outdoor Furniture for Winter II

Posted By chair inshare     December 21, 2020    

In the previous article, we have introduced some methods of protecting Rattan Lounge Set in winter, and in today's article we will introduce more methods about How to Prepare Your Outdoor Furniture for Winter

Storing the cushions

Add comfort by placing outdoor cushions on your furnishings made from aluminium, steel or wrought-iron metal. This allows you to enjoy a comfortable place to sit while also benefiting from the material of the selected furnishings. To make this process as easy as possible, purchase some unobtrusive outdoor storage bins, and place your cushions into them after each use. This will protect them from the possibility of a sudden downpour of rain, for example. Excessive exposure to sunshine can also degrade certain cloth materials, so you should have a bin ready for temporary storage between uses. Keep plenty of Velcro strips inside these storage bins to create another option.

Cleaning Tips for Your Furniture

Regular cleaning protects your furniture from depreciation and erosion. At the time you purchase your furniture, create a plan to keep your furnishings clean. This will ensure their longevity and proper functioning. Consider the time spent cleaning as an investment in maintaining these items into the future.

There is a moderate level of financial investment necessary to purchase the right kind of cleaning supplies. However, it can be easy to maintain the furnishings if you buy a specific type of container for storing your cleaning equipment in one place. This will make it easy to get access to the cleaning supplies on a regular basis.

Here are some great tips for organizing and implementing your cleaning regimen:

Store your cleaning supplies, equipment and tools in a single location. This will motivate you to keep the area clean because you won’t need to search for these materials every single time.

Collect some old clothes to wear when you’re cleaning the furniture and day beds. Wear closed-toe shoes that are old and worn out. Store these in a plastic bag to prevent them from attracting pests.

Use rubber gloves, and you can store them inside of a bucket. Use this for the mixture of water and cleaning agent. Keep a scrub brush inside of the bucket for use when cleaning surfaces in the horizontal plane. A sponge is better for the surfaces in the vertical plane.

Make sure to wait around five minutes to let the disinfecting agents work. Spray off the surface using a garden hose. You can also rinse it with a sponge. Make sure to dry these areas with a cloth before putting your cleaning equipment away.

Bring It Inside

Some pieces are so beautiful that you just can’t bear the thought of hiding them away for months on end. So why should you? A beautiful Adirondack chair can look just as good in your family room as it does in your yard and with the addition of a few cushions and a cozy blanket, it makes the perfect spot to curl up with a good book on a chilly afternoon. End tables are perfect for holiday entertaining (who doesn’t need a few extra surfaces during all those parties?) and ottomans provide extra seating space, something we could all use.

Protect our outdoor furniture in winter. Only when spring comes can I better enjoy the barbecue dinner time with friends.

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Tips to Prepare Your Outdoor Furniture for Winter II

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